David Rose Memorial Day Classic
Player Previews
By Jamie Shaw

6'5' 2018 Stephen Edoka of Charlotte Aces – Ligon

Edoka effects the game in all facets, across the board. During this high school season, his first in the United States, he averaged 15 points, 9 boards, 2 assists, 1.5 blocks and almost 2 steals per game. The 6'5' hyper-athletic wing is very long and carries great explosion.

However, with all those physical attributes it is the natural stuff that carries his game. He has great pace as a secondary ball handler that pairs well with his great vision in the half court. His upside as a lock-down, multi-positional, defender comes from great anticipation and his ability to not only move his feet but disrupt in the passing lanes.

We first saw Edoka after he played in our 2017 Thanksgiving Showcase, Phenom's Feast of Champions. It was one of his first games in the United States and he absolutely showed out. After his performance we wrote 'Edoka simply produces. Across the board he puts up numbers. At his core, Edoka is a very good athlete. He plays the game with a great motor. Two things that Edoka does exceptionally well is rebound and finish around the basket. He has a fluid looking jump shot and is an active and engaged defender. Love what Edoka does and the effort he gives on a consistent basis.'

He kept on throughout the year. Playing a tough schedule and leading his team deep into the NCISAA 2A playoffs, he kept producing across the board. Through his success and his play, Edoka was a no brainer invitation to the prestigious North Carolina Top 80 exposure camp. This camp brings together the best players in the state of North Carolina, regardless of class, and has them face off against one another.

Of course he showed very well at the NC Top 80, solidifying his position toward the top of the stacked North Carolina 2018 class. After his performance we wrote, 'Stephen Edoka is a forward that is really athletic and made his presence known on both ends of the floor among multiple positions. Offensively, he moves well without the ball and does a terrific job posting up smaller players. Edoka's high motor and hard-nosed approach on the glass was very noticeable; he crashed the glass on both ends of the ball and had great success. On the defensive end, he is a plus and showed his ability to span across multiple positions, an incredibly valuable tool. Next in his development process is continuing to polish his jumper, as it would make him a really well-rounded offensive player.'

For whatever reason Edoka's recruitment has not really taken off just yet. However, this weekend he should show that he deserves to be among the top wings in the state of North Carolina. Keep your eyes open, there could be a major jump coming for him this year…