Here are names that stood out at the David Rose MDC from Phenom Hoops Analyst Jamie Shaw

Bull City Select 17s
6’6″ 2018 Tyriq Burris

Strong. Good feet & hands on the block. Put it on the floor from the high post, patience with his back to the basket

Bull City Silverbacks17s
6’5″ Unsigned Senior Taqwain Bell
Strong rebounder. Skilled player. pick/pop stretch ability. Scored well from post ups or attacking from the wing. Produced.

Carolina Defenders Elite 17s
6’5″ Unsigned Senior Troy Cracknell
Good size & length for the position. Showed to be an active 3-level scorer. Has touch with range and nice athleticism in transition.

6’9″ 2018 Bob Manuel
Good length and timing. Active, but controlled shot blocker. Chases area rebounds with 2 hands.

6’3″ 2018 Jaiden Hunt
Good athlete. Tough downhill wing. Solid shooter. Good perimeter defender, both on the ball and on the wing. Finished with/through contact.

Carolina Knights 17s
6’4″ 2018 Tre Harvey
Lefty. Great feel. Nice with handle, with some added sauce. Upside as a perimeter defender. Great length.

6’2″ 2018 Ryan Kennedy
Shooter with a quick trigger, great release and nice shot prep. Plays within himself. Pure form.

Carolina Magic 17s

6’7″ Unsigned Senior Lawrence Williams
very active. Finishes well around the rim. A lot of deflections and blocks. Got downhill from wing. Active rebounder.

6’6″ 2018 Elijah Lockhart
Good size, length and straight line athleticism. Strong rebounder. When he turns it on, can be a load down low.

6’2″ 2018 Dewon Lesene

Tough & explosive. A terror on defense, on the ball or on the wing. Great feet, scores it well off the bounce and even posted up well.

Carolina Preps 17s

6’6″ 2018 Kellen Hodge

Good size. Shoots it well. Rebounded strong and made shots at multiple levels.

Carolina Wolves (SC) 17s
5’11” 2018 Zach Foulks

Shooter and scorer. Has a confident handle in the half court and defended the ball well.

Carolina Wolves (NC) 2016

6’5″ 2019 Jace McKenney

Strong & explosive player. Tough defender and active rebounder. Able to push the break and finishes high above the rim.

6’1 2019 Garrett Phillips

Combo guard plays with confidence. Smooth stroke off the catch and a solid handle in the half court.

6’5″ 2019 Joe’L Pettiford
Lefty. Has great length and a quick burst to the rim. Active on the offensive glass and has upside as a tough perimeter defender.

Charlotte Aces 17s

6’5″ 2018 Stephen Edoka
Strong and athletic wing. Has a solid pace on the ball and is able to score at all 3 levels. A multi-position defender as well.

6’4″ 2018 Strah Rajic

Lefty, has the ball on a string. Tough on the ball defender and seemingly has eyes in the back of his head. Great size for a PG and takes control of the game.

Carolina Wolves (NC) 17s
6’10” 2018 Nate Springs

Great length and size with a totally unique skill set. Blocks a lot of shots and is a solid area rebounder. Stretches the floor to the tune of 3+ 3s per game and finishes with some really powerful dunks. Intrigue abounds here.

6’4″ 2018 Jaylen Alston
Lefty is a gamer. Has great length and athleticism with a good handle and vision in the half court. Finishes strong at the rim and defends multiple positions well.

6’1″ 2018 Jahlen King
Tough lead guard. Very strong off the bounce and is able to get where he wants in the half court. Solid shot maker with range. Terror on the ball defender when locked in.

Charlotte Nets 15s
5’7″ 2020 Jaylon Terrell
Compact PG. Defended the ball well. Very vocal and got downhill quickly in the half court set.

6’3″ 2020 Zachary Bessette
Good length. A scoring wing. Best going toward basket, but showed ability to step out and knock down shots with range.