Player: Tyson Thompson
School: St. Paul’s
Class: 2026
Height: 6’9

At the Hoops & Dreams Showcase, it was a great opportunity to view a rising big that we don’t get to see a ton of but has always impressed in 2026 6’9 Tyson Thompson from St. Paul’s.  Thompson has been one we have monitored over the years and has steadily continued to develop into a strong prospect and one that college coaches should be looking at more.

While in Fayetteville, Thompson was able to show more of his fluidity and the strides he has made over the last few months.  He brings a nice blend of size at 6’9, feel and fluidity, and explosiveness that you have to recognize, but is still just part of his development and what he could potentially be at the next level.  Thompson physical feel allows him to power through defenders but he also moves well without the ball, finds the open spot, and shows touch in finishing around defenders with ease.  Add on top his strength in racking up the boards on both ends, and being a young rim protector, there is a lot to like in what he provides.  And, like we said about, he is far from a finished product… Which is why I believe more schools should be heading to watch more of his game, and his stock should continue to rise.

What Has Been Said:

“It was fun to watch Thompson go to work and operate, as we don’t get to see too much of him out east. But even in a tough game on Day 1, the young big man really showed flashes of his potential and impact on the court. There is a lot to like about his strength and physicality, as well as being a fluid big man. He showed flashes of his ability to put on the deck and finish, as well as being a presence offensively and defensively in the paint.  Thompson should only continue to blossom and his recruitment should follow.”

“Each big man ranked thus far has a ton of appeal, but Tyson Thompson might be the most intriguing in terms of long-term potential. His combination of strength, length, mobility, and general athleticism already gives him a physical advantage against the majority of opponents. Thompson anchors the paint defensively as a rim-protector, reliably controls the glass, and runs the floor properly in transition. Offensively, he’s progressing at a visible rate. Thompson’s touch has only gotten better over the last calendar year, but he’s also capable of playing above the rim or spacing the floor whenever necessary. There’s already so much to like with his foundation as a prospect, but it’s clear that he’s only going to continue improving. Expect coaches to start extending offers to Thompson sooner than later.”