By: Cooper Hart

6'5' '26 Antonio McKoy (Carolina Rockets)

McKoy shined today as the focal point of a dominant Carolina Rockets squad. He displayed an improved and deadly handle that weaponized his elite athleticism that much more. The quickness and efficiency that he was able to get past defenders and into the paint was truly remarkable, something that speaks to his ridiculous first step and length. He was unstoppable when finishing around the basket and showed a high motor when getting to his second jump for rebounds. Thanks to the length, athleticism, and evolving skillset, it's no surprise to see McKoy consistently rising.

6'1' '24 Ronny Turner (NC Wildcats Gary)

Turner handled the main playmaking responsibilities well today. He made a handful of creative plays for his team, taking his time in reading defenses and manipulating spacing with his change of pace. He was confident in shooting the ball which opened a ton of space inside, especially after he started heating up. His decision making never wavered regardless of how he was scoring as he always looked for the right play. His constant unselfish manner and methodical yet creative approach to attacking made him a fun watch and provided a lot of positives for a recruitment that is just getting started.

5'6' '27 Olivia Yancey (Carolina All-Stars)

Yancey was incredibly impressive as a do it all guard. She played seemingly every position on the perimeter and did so well. Her feel for the game is obviously high and it makes her more effective in odd spots than her counterparts. She's dynamic with the ball in her hands, evidenced by her quickness, shot making, and passing vision. She scores with the best of them but rarely takes a shot outside of the offense. Yancey is simply your ideal point guard in today's game, able to play on or off the ball with all the skills either spot would need.

5'9' '26 Jake Ford (CC Elite)

Ford played up two games in 16s and one in 17s looking more and more comfortable with older and more physical competition. After not seeing Ford for over a month, the biggest and most notable improvement was as a defender. He's getting stronger, quicker, and more confident on that end and it's showing in his ability to stifle bigger and older guards at the point of attack. He in turn looked more comfortable making plays and operating offensively, as he was noticeably more aggressive and assertive with the ball in his hands. Just an overall great day out of one of the smartest guards in the class.

6'5' '29 CJ Davis (CP3)

Davis is a fun long-term play as he already has the size needed to impact the next level and it doesn't look like he'll stop growing anytime soon. He's long, athletic, and fluid for his size/age, making him as enticing a physical prospect as you can get. What makes Davis special is his court awareness and hands. He seems to have a great understanding of how to best utilize his physical advantages, evidenced by his awareness to float to open space and seal his defender to get the ball. He catches pretty much everything that he touches, rebounds, passes, steals, whatever it may be. He doesn't look uncomfortable with the ball as so many young bigs do. Because of these individually small intangibles, it's easy to see why Davis can be a fun prospect to watch over the long-term future.'