If you have been around North Carolina high school basketball, then you should know the name Elijah Jamison.  Jamison, who is a 2022 prospect from Liberty Heights, continues to play on the big stage and should be garnering the attention of college coaches with his ability to lead the charge for a team.

Once committed to East Carolina, Jamison reopened his recruitment.  After a successful season at Liberty Heights last year, one can see that Jamison has only continued to develop and work on the little things in his game that make him an even more complete guard on the court.

What makes Jamison so intriguing is what we have seen him do over the years.  He has shown to be a prolific scorer from his earlier years in high school at Louisburg high school, where he was averaging 26.4 points per game throughout his time.  Jamison knows how to score the ball and fill up the stat sheet, that is known.  But he has transitioned his game into being a better overall guard on the floor, especially with the talent he has around him at Liberty Heights. 

Jamison really showed what he could do and be for his team last year, leading the charge, getting into the paint, creating, and finding one of his big targets in Jonas Aidoo.  This year, he is one of the clear leaders again this season and with the weapons he has around, Jamison has shown early that he is looking to initiate and be the leader of the offense, and be more of that play-making guard.  You add that to his improved perimeter game and scoring within the offense, Jamison has shown that he can be one of the more complete guards that still remained unsigned. 

That is why it is going to be interesting to see what schools really make him a priority and land their guard for the future.