By Coach Thread

Khilen Woodley 5’11 2020 (Team Knicks)– one of the better floor leader that I saw today the Phenom Opening at Southwest Guilford gym. Has a great IQ for the game and understands how to push the pace. Did a great job of creating for his teammates. When penetrating to the basket he did a great job of hiding the ball and finishing through contacts for and ones.

Whitted  5’10 2020 (Durham Hurricans) – Love the way that Whitted plays. One of the most exciting players of the day at Southwest Guilford-Phenom Opening. This kid is a two-player that does it all. He made a lot of plays whether it was getting 50/50 balls or get tough rebounds to give his team extra possessions. He scored 20+ in both games he played in today. Very skilled combo guard that plays the game the right way. He gets the most out of his athletic talent.

Jackson Lindquist 6’0 2022 (Fort Mill) – Jackson is at his best when he has the ball in his hand at the top of the key creating for his teammates. When he is attacking down he does a great job of drawing defenders and kicking the ball out for teammates for open shots. One of the best things about his game is when he does get in the paint he know how to finished. He’s no slouch on the defensive end either. Holding his own against quicker guards. Great job of boxing out and controlling the backboards during the game.

Vince Camavale 6’0 2022(Team Knicks) – This player is just one of those players that just makes everyone better when he’s on the floor. Really like his IQ for the game and his skill set. He is very crafty with the basketball in his hands. In transition, he seems to always make the right play rather it’s scoring for himself or shooting a nice nifty pass to an open teammate in scoring position. Player has a really bright future if he continues to work on his game.

Howard Herbert III 5’9 13U (Faetteville Flash) – Was one of the quickest guards I saw play today. There’s a saying that athletes take the ball out the air. And this athlete did a great job of attack the basketball out air by playing in the passing lanes and forcing players into turnovers.

Moses McDowell 6’3 13U (Fayetteville Flash) – he was a force to be reckoned with in the paint today. Did a great job rebounding the basketball on both ends of the floor. Did a great job on the offensive end getting the rebounds and finishing easy chippies around the basket. With time in the gym, he will be able to work on his jump shot that will make him harder to once he adds that to his skillset.

David Murphy 6’2 2019 (Empire 17U Perry) – In my opinion this player was on of the most hardest for teams to guard all day. He can score the basketball on all three levels. If college coaches haven’t seen this kid play they need to. I know this kid could help a basketball team on the D2 or D3 level. Scored his points in bunches today. He’s very skilled and crafty with the basketball.

Payton Lewis 5’10 17U (Manzer) – This guy is a basketball player. Has a very high IQ and plays the game the right way. Used his jumper to spread the floor to give teammates open drives to the basket. He can score the basketball on all three levels. He plays really hard and knows how to move without the basketball in his hands. Always seems to be in the right place in the right time and does a great job of making the right play.

Treymayne Parker 6’0 2023 (Team Felton) – This kid was one the most exciting players I watched play today. He can really score the basketball whether in transition or pulling up from three feet behind the three-point line to knock down three’s.  He has great athleticism and pretty good IQ for his age. He was man amongst boys today. Scores the ball with ease. Not hard to see that this kid is a special basketball player that so many tools. Can’t wait to see how this kid will develop in the next couple of years. Some high school coach in North Carolina will be getting a good one.