Class ofHeightNameCityStateHigh School
20255’8″Eli EllisGranite FallsNCHome School
20246′2″Trent NoahBaxterKYHarlan County High School
20265’2″Isaac EllisGranite FallsNCHome School
20255′2″Bereket EvansMorristownTNMorristown West High School
20245′7″Will HurdKingsportTNRobinson Middle School


5‘8 2025 Eli Ellis (Home School)

Eli Ellis is advanced beyond his age/grade. The highly skilled Ellis has a terrific offensive repertoire that is not often seen for a middle school player. Ellis plays with tremendous poise and maturity and relishes the opportunity to play against bigger and older players. and no matter the setting, he proves time and time again he belongs on the big stage.


6’2 2024 Trent Noah (Harlan County High School)

Just in the eight grade, Trent Noah sports a physically strong and sturdy frame that is equally matched with a high basketball IQ. Noah just understands the game and is so fundamentally sounds. More importantly, he is a “team first” player that has showcased advanced playmaking abilities. He sees the game one step ahead of the opposition and has a terrific blend of scoring and passing.


5’2 2026 Isaac Ellis (Home School)

The younger brother of Eli Ellis, Isaac plays with tremendous confidence. He can dribble, pass and shoot and has outstanding range on his jumper. Simply put, Isaac is “in range” once he steps onto the parking lot and it’s uncanny how efficient is with his 3-point shooting abilities.