Coach Rick’s Phenom High School Team Camp Session 2 Standouts

It was another outstanding opening day for the Phenom High School Team Camp held at Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill, South Carolina. With the summer heat wave on the outside, the action was even hotter on the inside. With 40 plus teams participating with terrific performances by many, we will take a closer look at some of the top players of the day.


6’4 2020 Kalib Matthews (Henderson Collegiate)

Standing a lengthy 6’4, not to mention an impressive 6’8 wingspan, Kalib Matthews continues his sensational play. In the two games we watched, Matthews averaged 26 PPG and knocked down 10 3-pointers. He is a silky smooth wing that sports a feathery touch from the perimeter. Matthews is patience and very unselfish. His points come within the framework of the game and his stock continues to soar. Not on the recruiting radar prior the spring, he has quickly become a target of several D2 schools and will be watched closely by many D1 programs during the July Live period. Go ahead and put this young man in your SIM card.



6’8 2021 Jordan Wildy (Moravian Prep)

Jordan Wildy put on a complete all around game on opening day. He was a walking double with points and rebounds and played havoc on the opposing teams with his length and athleticism. Wildy was hitting the boards on both ends of the court;  blocked shots and was an intimating factor defensively. While some players scored more points, no one had a more complete game than Wildy, more importantly he is playing with more purpose and is only beginning to scratch his long term potential.



6’2 2020 Jay Hickman (Northwood Temple)

One thing is for certain, shooters translate at every level and Jay Hickman needs to be in the conversation as one of the best pure shooters in the state. Hickman has length, athleticism and a matching skill set, not to mention a silky smooth jumper. Hickman moves well without the ball and gets his feet set early and is a highly efficient and effective shooter.



6’4 2020 Lane Harrill (Cherryville High School)

What an opening day performance by the 6’4 shooting guard. Harrill torched the nets for a camp high 39 points knocking down seven 3-pointers. He is a high IQ, fundamentally sound player that simply knows how to play the game. Harrill is a coach on the floor and provides excellent leadership.



6’3 2021 Russell Felton (Aiken High School)

The physically gifted wing guard simply put on a show on both ends of the court. Standing a strong, athletic and sporting a chiseled frame, Felton is one of the more exciting players to watch. He has an endless motor, plays tenacious defense, not to mention he is one of the most intense and fierce competitors you will find at the high school level