Phenom Hoop Report finished its final high school team camp jamboree at Ben L. Smith High School in Greensboro, North Carolina. Again, we had an abundance of talented teams, high level coaches and collegiate prospects at every level. All the games were live streamed via Baller TV and a lot of questions going into the 2018-19 season was answered. Below is my All Tournament list based upon performance and consistency in all three camp games.

First Team All-Tourney


6’4 2020 Caleb Mills (Asheville Christian)

The silky-smooth scoring guard showcased another all-around performance. Mills averaged 18.0 PPG in the three camp games. What’s impressive is Mills did it all within the pass and cut motion offense. We were most impressed with his ability to score within the team structure. He was patience on offense and played with poise and maturity. Sporting an offer from mid majors along with Cincinnati, look for his stock to rise this July.


6’9 2020 Cam Stitt (United Faith Christian Academy)

Cam Stitt is a star in the making. The lengthy and athletic forward is oozing with upside and potential. Stitt can score from multiple spots on the court. He can hit the mid-range jumper but is quite effective off the dribble/bounce. We stated in previous article, Stitt has the making of a superior defensive player. He has excellent lateral quickness and his lengthy and quick twitch makes him a difficult player to score against. (Stitt averaged 13.3 PPG)


6’7 2020 Nick McMullen (Ben Smith High School)

McMullen sports a unique blend of strength, athleticism and a matching skill set. He can score from all three levels and has continued to showcase a nice inside/out game. If left open, McMullen can bury the 3-point shot and has the strength to finish consistently in the paint off contact. While this is his first season with his new team, McMullen is fitting in nicely. The chemistry is growing and look for Ben L. Smith to have another outstanding season in 2018-19. (McMullen averaged 12.6 PPG)


6’0 2020 Daylen Pritchard (Lincoln Charter)

Out goes Koby Shubert, in comes Daylen Pritchard. Not only was Pritchard the new man in the player rotation, he proved to be the most consistent and best player for Lincoln Charter at the Phenom Jam Fest 3. Pritchard is a highly skilled point guard that has tight handles and good court vision, not to mention a crafty game off the dribble. (Pritchard averaged 13.6 PPG)


6’3 2019 Nahien Alleyne (Mountain View High School, GA)

Consistency and efficiency is Nahien Alleyne’s calling card, not to mention a nifty blend of athleticism and skill. The southpaw plays with intensity and a high motor. While Alleyne can knock down perimeter shots, he was more than a handful in attacking the rim. He has a crafty euro-step and avoided defensive contact on a regular basis. (Alleyne averaged 16.6 PPG0


6’4 2019 Tyler Dearman (Southern Guilford High School)

Tyler Dearman simply has a nose for scoring. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. In addition, Dearman can shoot the cover all the basketball, but has the ability to score all the dribble/bounce. We’ve watched Dearman countless times and he just continues to get better and playing with a high degree of confidence. (Dearman averaged 15.6 PPG)


6’5 2021 JaDun Michael (The Burlington School)

Simply put, the sky’s the limit for JaDun Michael. In order words, he has the total package for such a young prospect. He has length, bounce, athleticism and can score. We continue to be impressed with his poise and maturity on and off the court. More importantly, he knows how to play within the team structure and is a good defensive player on the ball and understands team defensive principles. (Michael averaged 13.3 PPG)


6’3 2020 Keishon Porter (SW Edgecombe)

Keishon Porter is currently under the recruiting radar, but that should quickly change this July. We’re talking about a lengthy, athletic, and explosive combo guard. More importantly, he may have been the best defensive player in attendance. He’s super aggressive on defense and has a knack for chasing down offensive players driving to the rim and blocking their shots. (Porter averaged 14.0 PPG)


6’1 2019 Chaz Gywn (Winston-Salem Prep)

One thing is for certain, Chaz Gywn can shoot the cover off the ball. He is a highly efficient 3-point shooter and is excellent coming off screens in a “catch and shoot” situation. Once Gywn gets his feet and shoulders squared, he is almost automatic from deep. Gywn plays with a high basketball IQ and simply knows how to play the game. (Gywn average 12.6 PPG)


6’4 2020 Daniel Ransom (Vance High School)

Daniel Ranson just makes winning plays, pure and simple! Playing on a team that is well balanced, Ranson does all the little things that often doesn’t show up in the box score. He has a nose for the ball and constantly has his hands on the ball. Ranson is a low risk, high return player and is the type of player every coach needs on the floor. (Ransom averaged 10.0 PPG)


Second Team

6’2 2020 Jake Ledbetter (Bishop McGuinness)

6’1 2019 Ryan Rynshaw (Community School of Davidson)

6’1 2020 Harrison Hosse (Community School of Davidson)

6’8 2019 Ryan Bonnett (Mt. Pleasant High School)

6’4 2019 Ryan Burch (Southern Guilford High School)

6’2 2020 JiLil Michael (The Burlington School)

6’4 2019 Ryan Ayers (West Forsyth)

6’7 2020 Silas Mason (Ben L. Smith)

6’1 2020 Shakeel Moore (United Faith)

6’2 2019 Marcus Henderson (United Faith)


Camp MVP: Caleb Mills (Asheville Christian)

Camp MOP: Cam Stitt (United Faith)