2025 6’8 Dylan Clark (Team MVL) – This young man is a stud! Very long and extremely athletic. Has a strong post-up game and will put it on the defenders head. He has great hands, anything he gets his hands, on is his. He is the anchor on defense for this MVL team. He’s constantly changing shots and getting multiple blocks a game. If I’m a college coach, I would be in the gym to watch this kid play. He has a tremendous ceiling and an undoubtedly high ceiling.

2025 5’10 Braylen Bowman (New Hope Gripper) Braylen has such a good feel for the game. He has such sharp ball handling, it’s a joy to watch. He plays at his own pace and can create for himself. He has an exceptional mid-range game and finishes at the rim with the best of them at his size. He makes the right plays and defensively he’s a step ahead on the weak side. If you need a guard that is cerebral and can also get a bucket this is your guy.

2025 6’2 Ahmari Hicks (New Hope Gripper) This young man just has a great feel for the game. He’s very consistent from the 3pt line and he is intelligent enough to know when to take it to the cup and finish. He doesn’t really force anything and knows when to make the extra pass. He just plays at a level where you can trust that he’s going to make the right play every time.

2025 6’4 Javon Williams (Team Trezz 2025) This is a big guard. He plays the 1 & 2 for Team Trezz. He plays both exceptionally well. He’s long, athletic and knows how to play the game. He can pull up from mid-range or attack an finish at the rim. When things aren’t going on offense, he makes plays for others and locks up on defense. He’s very active in the press and isn’t afraid to bang some.

2025 6’3 Taurus Lewis II (Carolina Pressure 2025) Taurus helped lead his squad to a 3-1 record over the last two days. He made all the necessary plays when needed. He was relentless in attacking the basket. Yet if teams played off of him, he was steadily knocking down 3’s. He’s a low-maintenance player because he just seems like he would fit in anyone’s system with ease.

2025 6’4 Gabriel Erbeck (Team Vision) Gabriel has so much confidence in his game. He can handle the rock and he’s not afraid to pull up from the mid-range or three-point line. He’s skilled enough to be a 2 or 3. He knows how to play basketball because Team Vision plays a great brand of basketball. He hits open shots as well as difficult shots. He’s been very consistent over these last two days.