Coach John Allen’s Legedary NC Top 80 Thoughts

Interesting numbers I recall from the Top 80 event.' 'In some ways it could sound like a football offense call from the quarterback' 89 55 92 103 on 2.' But in reality these are the numbers of players that impressed during stations and then watching them play you start to project what you see translated from stations to the game gives you cause to think about the next few years as they enter in the true recruiting cycle.

'No. 89 6’6 2022 MJ Rice ( Durham Academy)

I had to do a double take when I found out he was in Class of 2022.' One of the most impressive physical persons in the camp and when you consider he is just a freshman, all you can say is lookout.' 'He moved through many of the drills with a grace of a smaller person but he is built like an College tight end.' During stations where he finished at the rim his ability to get up with little effort was very impressive.' During games he used his strength to control action in the paint but was able to get up the floor with a lot fluid movement.' He is definitely one to watch over the next two years.
No. 55 6’5 2020 Ricky Council IV (Northern Durham)
Ricky Council is a cat quick guard and possesses an instinct to be where the ball is on defense and understands that continuous movement results in basketball plays at both ends of the floor.' He stood out during stations for his strong moves toward the basket and during 1v1 his defense was quite solid.
No. 92 6’7 2020 Brady O’Connell (Ravenscroft)
During the stations, games and even the slam dunk contest became a player worth watching on the offensive end of the court.' He can FINISH at the rim and I mean with an emphatic flair.' He has a smooth stroke to his jumpshot and the ability to beat his man off the dribble for multiple ways to score.' In my opinion, he had several impressive dunks prior to the dunk contest and he showed a lot of creativity in the contest as well.' A very impressive member of the class of 2020.
No. 103 6’8 2021 Eric Vanderheijden (Ravenscroft)
'We have seen this young men in multiple phenoms event since mid school and what was a wiry player that was trying hard is now a very solid player with strength, IQ and ability to hold his own.' The impressive thing about him now is his aggressiveness and push to be physical when needed' a quality that comes when you are understanding how to play the game.' During stations every movement was decisive and intense.' During games he showed more toughness than in years past and appears to be ready tor a major improvements during the spring leading into next season.
No. 2 5’8 2021 Kadyn Dawkins (Eastern Guilford)
One of the more consistent shooters during games in the camp.' Although size says he should be penetrating and dishing ( which he did) his shooting was consistent within a team offense.' It appeared that on ball rotations he was poised and ready to hit the wide open shots for the benefit of his team.' He did penetrate and make plays for his bigs and he did present a problem for opposing ballhandlers who ventured into his area.' It was his shooting that stood out because it appeared at times automatic and it wasn’t selfish shooting that sometimes occurs at events by some guards.' His shooting was essential in the team’s success at the offensive end of the floor.
This would be an interesting five to put on the floor.' One freshman, three sophomores and one junior.