The Carmel Christian MLK Showcase is going to be an absolute show, as private schools and public schools square up on the hardwood Saturday afternoon and Phenom Hoops will be helping lead the charge.  Another fantastic and must-see event from Phenom, come out and enjoy a day of basketball. 

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Now, we look to break down each game and what to watch!

6:00pm – Weddington vs. Cannon

We get into the final two games of the night and it is going to be tough to get into the building for these but luckily, if you can’t get in, you can always watch on our livestreams!  But we have one of the top teams in the state and now nationally ranked by a few outlets, Weddington, matching up against Coach Roth and Cannon. 

If you haven’t seen Weddington in action, they are just a well-oiled machine and understand what it takes to win.  They won’t blow you away with size but they are extremely effective and efficient on the court, led by their seniors.  One of the top unsigned seniors in the state, 2022 Chase Lowe, will look to lead the charge with his terrific size and play-making ability.  They will also have seniors like 2022 AJ Cook, 2022 Kyle Frazier, and several others helping as well, as they all play and understand their roles.  The guards are terrific and have a terrific balance of creating and shooting, which makes them absolutely tough to defend.

Cannon and Coach Roth though certainly aren’t shy or afraid to take on the best, and they have certainly won themselves.  With a new group though this season, it will be interesting to see what these young players can do.  But you have to start with the senior leaders that can absolutely fill it up in 2022 DJ Nix and 2022 Karon Boyd, as they have a chance to make a statement in this game.  But Cannon will also need the play of 2024 Austin Swartz, 2024 Jaylen Claggett, 2024 Mason Hagedorn, and 2025 Isaiah Henry (as well as others) to step up big.

This should be an AWESOME matchup between two premier programs in North Carolina!