In all honesty, CC Elite is a team that more folks should be buzzing about, as they have been tough and competitive while strutting out a variety of college-level prospects. They entered the title game with great confidence and controlled the tempo from start to finish. This group has been led by the unwavering all-around consistency of Christian Cornish, Marvin Bost, and Tucker Johnson. However, they also have a number of phenomenal two-way contributors beyond their core. Zion Gunter is a strong-bodied post prospect, Daniel Lubamba is long, athletic, and able to affect a ton of the action, and they have a plethora of useful guards between Charlie Walker, Clayton Robinson, and Dylan Steed. This team is extremely long and knows how to bother the opposition. Kush Carter, Merdi Asumani, and Tyler Powell are also names that folks should familiarize themselves with going forward. They claimed a 81-61 victory to close out their championship run over the weekend.