On January 13, Cannon was coming off a tough loss to Legacy Early College and they were sitting at 11-7 overall on the season. But things started to turn around and the wins started to rack up impressively, as they ultimately ended the season on a 12-game win streak on their way to a state title this past weekend. This is a team that certainly had the talent all year long, as they bring a nice balance of experience to the court.

Freshmen Madison Drayton and Brooke Busby are two impressive freshmen who really stepped up once again in the championship game, with Drayton leading the way with 21 points while Bisby wasn’t far behind with 16 points. THen you had 2025 Maya McCorkle with 14 points and 2025 Khloe Thompson, who finished with 11 points in the win. It seems that Cannon started to get things going and even though they tested themselves all year long, this was a group that was able to come together, showcase their array of talent, and really bring a balanced attack offensively.

Going up against a program like Providence Day and securing the 62-51 victory was a statement, and this could be a team that is just starting their story with so many players possibly returning next year. There is no doubt about it, this will be a team headlining the season next year, but as for right now, they can make their claim to be one of the best teams in the state of North Carolina.

Quote from Coach Drakeford with Charlotte Observer:

“I think this is the beginning of something, of something special,” Drakeford said. “I think we have great leadership to show our freshmen the ropes and our juniors, Maya McCorkle and Khloe Thompson, have been great about taking them under their wing and showing them this is how we are going to do things at Cannon, and the freshmen have bought in, and I think they want to do whatever it takes to touch the floor and for us to win. I am really happy where we’re going.”

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