It’s that time of the year and July is here once again, it’s the busiest time In the Travel Ball scene, the Live Period!

Fort Mill, South Carolina- The Phenom Crew is back at it again in the other Carolina, for the annual Summer Havoc Live Period Showcase. Competitiveness is at its highest, prospects competed in front of dozens of college coaches in search of their next program changing gem. Some prospects came in with big momentum from last weekend, others were looking to put their names on the radar!

6’9 2023 Callum Richard (Team Loaded NC 2023) Very patient young post with nice upside on both ends of the floor. Richard is a high intangibles forward, he’s got old school back to the basket game. Richard flashed Nice touch around the basket with both hands, he reallyhimself well on the block and gets defenders off balance with a bevy of ball fakes and solid foot work. Richard utilized his length to extend over the defense and he was highly active on the glass.

5’10 2022 Jerec Thompson (Mid State Magic Sports)- Thompson got going early against Team United connecting on three field goals from behind the arc, Thompson has a quick trigger and truly understands the notion of floor spacing. Thompson utilizes the entire floor to carve out space, he is tough to defend coming off a screens, his curl is so tight and Thompson is ready to shoot upon the catch. Eventually the defense was able to run Thompson off the three point line, he wasn’t timid about putting the rock on the floor, he got to the cup and finished strong through contact.

6’4 2022 Jakwon Moore (Team United Elite)– Moore displayed the whole arsenal offensively, Moore is a natural slasher he got to cup and extended over the cup, Moore has a long stride that covers a lot of ground, and he initiated contact on the drive. Moore ran the floor extremely well and filled running lanes precisely, on the break he was rewarded as teammates continually found him for finishes in space. Moore is a tough matchup when he gets downhill on the defense, Moore also made some big shots from deep. Moore is a good spot up shooter, he shot the ball with big confidence. Defensively Moore utilizes his length to disrupt passing lanes,and rip opposing ball handlers in the open floor.

6’3 2021 Ryan Roberts (Team ICE) Roberts came out extremely aggressive knocking down some big shots, he was in attack mode from the tip. Roberts is a known marksmen from deep, and he showed off his shot making ability off the dribble and on catch and shoot opportunities. Roberts is an underrated athlete in my opinion as well, he’s good with the basketball in transition. Roberts can take his man off the bounce, and has some moves in the bag to get defenders off balance. Roberts won’t shy from the dirty work either, he’s active on the glass and can switch to guard multiple spots on the floor with his length.