By: Brandon Blakney

6’3 2023 Parker Hodgson (Elav)- Hodgson plays with a chip on his shoulder and has a nice swagger about his game on the court. I witnessed him try to dunk on three defenders, he attacks the cup with reckless abandonment and doesn’t care who has reservations to meet him at the rim. In the evening matchups, Hodgson went off for twenty-seven and grabbed the attention of everyone watching with his flare on the court. Hodgson can create and make shots off the bounce, he has good range on his shot, accompanied with a fluid release. Hodgson plays with high energy on both ends and is constantly moving without the basketball.

6’5 2022 Rasheed Baldwin (Charlotte Hoyas)- Baldwin is the prototypical 3 & D wing that is admired in today’s game at every level. He’s a consistent shot maker and floor spacer capable of busting up zones but isn’t limited to just behind the arc. Baldwin will put it on the floor and can create for others at times when his team needs it. Baldwin is a versatile defender who willingly guards multiple positions, he’s got good balance and moves well laterally.

6’2 2024 Peter  Moye (CC Elite) had another productive day and continues to have an impressive weekend overall. Early in the day Moye put on one of the top performances of the day netting 20 pts, and helping his team steal a come-from-behind win. Late in the contest after trailing, with  8 seconds left in the game, Moye made a heads-up play on D, stole the inbound pass, and got a bucket to seal the deal. Moye can get hot in stretches and won’t hesitate to let it fly or attack the cup if given any breathing room. Moye also showed nice anticipation skills and active hands-on D jumping passing lanes.

5’11 Will Jenkins (Team Eat)-  What stood out the most is the passion Jenkins plays with, few players will match his energy on both ends of the floor. Defensively Jenkins is a pest for opposing ball handlers, he utilizes his speed and quick hands to harass opposing ball handlers. Jenkins moves his feet extremely well and will guard the ball 94 feet. Offensively Jenkins made the most of his paint touches finishing with either hand around the rim, his layup package is versatile. Jenkins is elusive with the ball in his hands especially in space, and he’s extremely vocal.

6’3 2023 Cooper Josefsberg (Team Hardaway)- Josefsberg is a steady presence at point guard, he won’t allow other guards to speed him up and he rarely turned it over. Josefsberg is like a coach on the floor, and you just trust him with the ball to make decisions. He’s got good size for the position, a reliable handle and he commands the offense. Josefsberg can also score the ball, he’s capable of getting his own shot at any time also or playing off the ball and spotting up behind the three. In transition, Josefsberg got where he wanted, in the lane and converted so tough lay-ins.