Greensboro, North Carolina- Greensboro was the place to be this weekend for Phenom Hoops CP3 Live showcase. The weekend drew in some of the nations top coaches and programs alike, offers were earned and interest was given, now lets recap some action!

  1. Eric Van Der Heijden is a real  Prospect.

At 6’7 Van Der Heijden has nice perimeter skill and he’s an inside presence on the defensive end for Team Wall 15U.

Van Der Heijden can open up the floor with his range , from deep he consistently strokes it from behind the arc, Van Der Heijden also showed confidence on the dribble drive he isn’t afraid to blow by slower defenders or finish over smaller ones. At this stage Van Der Heijden has a more advanced grasp of the game than most rising sophomores, he’s unselfish and proved to be a willing passer out of the post, Van Der Heijden showed versatility on the wing defensively, he can match up on guards and he’s an above average shot blocker.

Eric V

“ I try to do whatever I can for the team and impact the game in as many ways as I can on both sides of the ball.” I got open early and my shot was falling I want to show I can get to the basket and finish. Defensively I utilize my height to block shots and protect the paint for my team.” Van Der Heijden said.

Van Der Heijden comes for a basketball pedigree both his parents played professional and older brother Jake is a star at Ravenscroft.

“My dad and brother have taught me to always play with confidence and never back down.” Van Der Heijden told Phenom Hoops.

This season the younger Van Der Heijden is expecting a big jump with Ravenscroft, he’s built confidence with a solid first year on the Adidas Gauntlet and plans to carry that into sophomore year. Like Team Wall Ravenscroft plays a gauntlet of a schedule as well and the travel season should prove to be good preparation for a national level schedule that the Ravens play.

“I didn’t know about any of this stuff before this is my first year on the Gauntlet and it’s been fun. It has been everything I wanted and expected competition wise, I’ve played well with Team Wall so far it’s gone good.” Van Der Heijden told Phenom Hoops.

“Expect Ravenscroft to spread the ball around and shot it a lot, we want to come out and win every game, We want to go out and beat everybody.”

Currently Van Der Heijden holds interest from, Umass and Elon.

  1.  Josiah James is built different.

From a basketball standpoint Josiah James has already accomplished feats other athletes will only dream of. It’s been a big summer recently he was part of the USA 18U team that went 6-0 and earned a Gold medal in Canada. James has tasted success at the high school ranks and he’s put this TMP travel program in the national spotlight within the hoops sphere.

“It’s been a busy summer I won a gold medal, made some lifelong friends with team USA and got the opportunity to do something a lot of people want to do but don’t get to. With Team TMP we have been on a roll and we have the entire city behind us so it’s been fun.” James told Phenom hoops.Josiah James Porter Gaud (SC) 2019

TMP was in action this weekend against some top competition including Team Felton and Team CP3. James had Coach K, Bill Self, Frank Martin, and Tom Izzo, and many others, all packed in the Triad at Greensboro day school and Proehlific Park this weekend.

“  I recently cut my final schools to nine to help with the recruiting process so it’s not so jumbled up, every coach wants me to come in and be a leader, and come in and play the one through three on and off the ball, and guard the one through four on defense. Whatever school I choose needs me and they want me to be a leader and versatile on the court as well.” James told Phenom Hoops.

“ I know I’m going to go to the two in state schools Clemson and South Carolina, and Duke for sure those are the only three visits set in stone right now.”

The other five schools are Arizona, Kansas, Virginia, Florida St, and Tennessee.

Many people see Duke as the final landing spot and with Coach K personally locked in on James this weekend, it’s obvious the five star guard is a top target for the Blue Devils. South Carolina can’t be overlooked, they have already landed fellow TMP guard Trae Hanibal and he’s been all in on James as well.

The dark horse contender could be Michigan St, James has family ties with his father being a former player and Coach Izzo’s presence showed the sincerity here.

“ Trae has been with us since late April so ever since then he’s been in my ear constantly Spurs up, so shout out to him.” James told Phenom Hoops

At 6’6 James could be considered the top point guard in his class and he’s got as much upside as any guard in the country. James is a stat sheet stuffer, to appreciate his game fully you have to see James live because he does a bit of everything. For starters he may be the most unselfish five star in the country, James is always looking to make the pass first and get teammates involved. The court vision and passing ability are elite caliber and James can make the full court pass effortlessly.

James has timely deliveries and his general presence makes life a lot easier for the guys around him. James can fill it up from just about anywhere on the court, he’s the type of athlete with a skill set that could allow him to average 40 points per game, but that isn’t Jame’s game on the court. James is more of a walking triple double, he can play almost anywhere on the floor and few will match his motor.

James is usually one of the best rebounder’s on the floor, he doesn’t shy from the dirty work, and James is the ultimate leader on both ends. He is the conductor of the offense James is an extension of his coach.  

Through all the on court success though the biggest accomplishment thus far for James was receiving the key to his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. His face lit up when speaking on the topic and you could feel the passion and pride within his answer.

“ That’s probably the biggest achievement for me in my lifetime, I was born and raised in North Charleston, and I love the city. For the Mayor to present me with the key that was big, It means a lot to be a role model to my city and to the younger kids on and off the court. I want to continue to be a role model for the next generation and continue to make everyone proud.” James said.

Whatever path Josiah James decides, whether it’s professional hoops or politics he will be a star.  I wouldn’t bet against him the young man is just built different.

  1. The Langley twins provided an update

Kobe and Keyshaun Langley continue to set the standard for backcourt efficiency in NC, both natural born winners posses that dog in them you absolutely cannot coach.

These two embrace the big stage, each one craves the big shot in late game situations and these two never fold. The backcourt duo have been strapping up and taking names for some years now to the point where it’s expected. Kobe and Keyshaun absolutely make their match ups uncomfortable for 94 feet. When the brothers are locked in they can completely disrupt offensive rhythms and knock teams off their games.

Keyshaun Langley (NC) 2019

Both guards have quick hands and excellent feet, they’re good at getting underneath bigger guards and forcing turnovers. They will bully small guards and make life frustrating, and when that happens that’s when they have you.

“Our defense is important to the team just doing what we do and bringing what we bring, we look to exploit that.” Keyshaun said.

“ Communication is extremely important on defense and at the next level you have to be able to do talk to each other.”  Kobe said.

Fresh off an EYBL elite eight run the guys were in action at the Phenom CP3 Live event and they played well in front of Tubby Smith and the High Point staff.

“ Peach Jam was good, there was good competition out there we were playing and basically having fun,  It also helped some guys get more exposure .” Keyshaun told Phenom Hoops.

“ I’m blessed to even play for Team CP3 and wear CP3 on my chest, so just doing that and Keyshaun Langley (2)competing  with other guys that are the best in the nation I just feel blessed.” Kobe said.

Keyshaun is closing in on a Clemson offer currently and both brothers carry similar offers from regional mid majors as well.

“We both have College of Charleston, UNCG, Murray State, High Point, ECU, and NC A&T.” Both brothers said.

“They all want to see us get stronger and keep competing, they love our competitive nature so that’s what we need to continue to do.”

“We have to play with a chip on our shoulders and that’s about it, it feels good knowing all these schools want us. We have to keep moving forward and do what we do.” Keyshaun told Phenom Hoops.