2018 6'4 Corey Rutherford (HP Havoc)

In my highly respected opinion you would be hard pressed to find an unsigned senior in attendance this weekend that helped their stock more than Rutherford. After averaging over thirty points through four contests and it was in impressive fashion, in one contest Rutherford hit nine threes to lead his side. There is a lot to like; for starters Rutherford has prototypical size for a two guard at the collegiate level, Rutherford has proven he's a big time shooter, Rutherford is coachable and he's a willing defender in an age where defense is more valued than ever.

Rutherford looked confident on the drive and embraced contact at the cup, Rutherford also rebounded the rock soundly and served as the vocal leader on both ends. A host of D2'S saw him and immediately inquired, this kid is good enough to save a job or two depending on who pulls the trigger first. Regional division one's with openings should take a hard look here, adding a talent like Rutherford this late would be a true gem.

2020 6'2 Justin Wright (Team Loaded NC)

Wright is a new addition to this group but he already looks the part of a great addition, it was no secret coming in the youngster could play especially after the Top 80 performance. This weekend Wright scored the rock at a high rate and really impressed with the versatility off ball. As a floor general you grow accustomed to having the rock and in these cases it proves difficult for players in this mold to play off ball, Wright lined up alongside Myles Tate proved effective off ball and spotting up from deep.

Wright did well to utilize the entire floor and find space off screens and picks, Wright also found openings in transitions for easy layups off cuts to the rim. As the second primary ball handler Wright was exceptional in pick N roll sets, the decision making is a definitely strength Wright really understands the game.

6'3 2020 Cam Hayes (Team CP3)

'Possibly the top point guard in attendance if you weren't familiar before you are sure to be now, Hayes played extremely well all weekend against older competition.

Over the last year and a half Hayes has been the lead guard on a loaded senior heavy Smith squad in Greensboro, as 'he wraps up sophomore year the next step approaches. Hayes has shifted gears and looks primed to be a high major pg nationally in the 2020 class.

Hayes has advanced court vision and next level passing abilities, Hayes sees the entire floor and knows where everyone should be, offensively Hayes flashed the full arsenal. Hayes is a knockdown shooter from deep, at a legit 6'3 he can shoot over smaller guards or finish over them at the cup.

Hayes is also progressing athletically as we saw him get three dunks against Team ENC 17U, Hayes was more aggressive on the drive than ever, the floaters fell often and the pull up game looked extremely polished.

2020 6'3 Destin Clark (Team Loaded 704)

It was refreshing to see Clark healthy and in action over the weekend, after a devastating knee injury months ago sidelined him for some time. Clark looked good running the floor and moving his space, the lead guards are still in the bag along with the superb slashing ability. Clark is a wide bodied wing but he's still agile and possess a finesse element to his game.

Clark scored seven points but also dished out five dimes for Team Loaded 704 in a big win vs SCBA, during championship Sunday. Clark makes full court passes effortlessly, he puts the rock right on target almost every time. Defensively Clark is extremely versatile because of his strength, Clark will 'muscle up on opposing wings or get big down low with the trees.

2020 6'0 Christian Hampton (CP3)

Hampton could be the most valuable player down the line for the 16U group because of what he brings every game. To clarify, Team CP3 arrived late Sunday and proceeded to get smacked in the mouth majority of the first half. The young guard Hampton straddled in along with a couple others after tip, he proceeded to stretch and coach immediately got Hampton into the game. This team is different when Hampton is on the floor he sets the tone defensively and on hustle plays for 50/50 balls. The Guilford native is the hype man for this group he absolutely brings the noise.

If there is a momentum shifting play there is a good bet Hampton was in on it. From evidence of this weekend it's safe to say Hampton was the best perimeter defender I saw all weekend, which is no surprise for a kid who earned defensive POY of a conference as a sophomore. This CP3 'staff will unleash Hampton on any opposing perimeter threat and he's strapped up, Hampton will beat his assignment down defensively then put him on a poster down on the other end.

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