Mooresville (NC) – If you are looking for high school basketball over the Thanksgiving weekend, Phenom Hoops has it all for you.  Hosting two terrific events in Fayetteville and Mooresville, if you are on the west side of North Carolina and looking for a loaded event, Phenom Lakesgiving is the place you will want to be. 

We will be featuring some of the top teams from around the state and region, all under one building for a special two-day event at Lake Norman High School. Lakesgiving, sponsored by Chicago Pete’s, will have championship-caliber teams battling it out on the court, and plenty of names you will be seeing at the next level. National-level talent, nationally-ranked teams, and intense matchups should make a great weekend of basketball on November 25-26 at Lake Norman High School.

Below is the full schedule for the event:

Friday, November 25th, 2022 – Lake Norman HS

12:00PM – West Cabarrus Girls vs. Alexander Central Girls
1:30PM – Hickory Ridge vs. Covenant Day
3:00PM – Metrolina Christian vs. Lincoln Charter
4:30PM – Lake Norman Girls vs. Ardrey Kell Girls
6:00PM – WS Christian National vs. Combine Regional
7:30PM – Lake Norman vs. Rocky River

Saturday, November 26th, 2022 – Lake Norman HS

12:00PM – Hickory Ridge Girls vs. Ardrey Kell Girls
1:30PM – Lake Norman Girls vs. Olympic Girls
3:00PM – Covenant Day vs. WS Christian Regional
4:30PM – Hough vs. Metrolina Christian
6:00PM – Harding vs. West Cabarrus
7:30PM – Providence Day vs. WS Christian National
9:00PM – Lake Norman vs. Central Cabarrus

Players to Watch:

2023 Jaiden Thompson (Central Cabarrus)
2024 Chase Daniel (Central Cabarrus)
2024 Carson Daniel (Central Cabarrus)
2025 CJ Purdie (Combine)
2025 Yohan Gutierrez (Combine)
2023 Clinton Efinda (Combine)
2025 Chris Rivens (Covenant Day)
2023 Darius Abraham (Harding)
2024 Miles Beard (Hickory Ridge)
2024 Caden Haywood (Hickory Ridge)
2024 Mason Smith (Hough)
2023 Rashad McCormick (Hough)
2023 Cole Callaway (Lake Norman)
2025 Tre McKinnon (Lake Norman)
2025 Trent Steinour (Lake Norman)
2023 Elijah Burnett (Lincoln Charter)
2023 Michael Wilson Jr (Metrolina Christian)
2024 Jaxon Prunty (Providence Day)
2025 Trajan Thompson (Providence Day)
2025 Nick Hailey (Providence Day)
2023 Riley Allenspach (Providence Day)
2023 Trey Horton (Providence Day)
2023 Jaden Lyles (Rocky River)
2023 Trey Minard (West Cabarrus)
2024 Lewis Walker (WS Christian)
2024 Chol Machot (WS Christian)
2024 Kany Tchanda (WS Christian)
2023 Torey Alston (WS Christian)
2024 Kobe George (WS Christian)
2024 Isaiah Washington (WS Christian)
2023 Sydney Hayes (Alexander Central)
2024 Kirstyn Herman (Alexander Central)
2024 Molly Burns (Ardrey Kell)
2026 Autumn Washington (Ardrey Kell)
2023 Sarah Evans (Ardrey Kell)
2023 Alyssa Lewis (Hickory Ridge)
2023 Erica McClary (Hickory Ridge)
2023 Kirsten Lewis-Williams (Lake Norman)
2026 Kelsey Rhyne (Lake Norman)
2025 Addison Sirianni (Lake Norman)
2025 Barri Terri (Olympic)