This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled back to Rock Hill, South Carolina for the final live period of the summer. We hosted our Summer Havoc from Thursday to Sunday at Comenius, Catawba Ridge, and Nation Ford. There were over one hundred college coaches to walk through our doors and various players received offers across the event. This article will take a closer look at some of the most impressive prospects across the four days…


5’8 ’21 Kadyn Dawkins (Team Cobras)

The point guard play was off the charts at Summer Havoc, but Kadyn Dawkins was arguably the best of them all. It should come as no surprise for those who have been tracking his ability and steady two-way growth over these last few years, but he’s starting to truly dominate. Dawkins is an intelligent leader by example that approaches the game with toughness, smoothness, and a giant chip on his shoulder. He has always offered an excellent balance between playmaking and efficient three-level scoring, but looked even sharper and more efficient over the last week. Dawkins possesses a tight handle, craftiness, and phenomenal vision, which allows him to consistently carve out space and operate as the primary creator at all times. He navigates well through traffic and simply knows how to get wherever he desires on the court. Dawkins reliably scored the ball at a high level in each contest, but also showcased a ton of grit and defensive prowess throughout the event. His IQ, quickness, and no-nonsense approach are especially evident on defense, where he’s undeniably intense and effective. Dawkins is the type of player that really knows how to frustrate the opposition on every single possession. He’s already proven to be a scholarship-worthy prospect that should only continue to trend upward.


6’2 ’20 Trevon Williams (DTA Elite)

It would be quite easy to write an entire novel on DTA Elite, who was easily one of the most talented, exciting, and entertaining teams throughout the spring/summer. Headlined by guys like Anthony Allen, Omarion Bodrick, and Nygell Verdier, it’s clear that this group is special, but Trevon Williams is just as vital as anyone on this roster. He’s a phenomenal two-way guard with IQ, length, athleticism, and game-changing scoring ability. Williams quietly asserts himself and goes about his business, which is probably what makes him so underrated. He can pass and handle the ball or play alongside another creator, but his nonstop three-level scoring is what should be especially attractive to Division I coaches. Williams is simply a lethal bucket-getter with the full offensive arsenal to go toe-to-toe with any type of opponent. That being said, he’s also consistently shown his ability to be a lockdown defender through length, positioning, and attention to detail. Williams is certainly the real deal and will become a hot commodity over the next calendar year.


6’6 ’21 Ben Burnham (Team Knicks)

There have been a lot of intriguing prospects to come through our doors this summer, but Ben Burnham stands out as one of the most consistent. He’s an extremely long, wiry, athletic forward that brings an unwavering approach each time out. Burnham does a little bit of everything on offense; he can spot-up, handle the ball, attack the basket, create space off the bounce for pull-ups, and has nice post capabilities from the block or elbow. He plays with such an excellent motor, which allows him to frequently outwork bigger/stronger opponents for rebounds, putbacks, and second-chance opportunities. Burnham does a great job defensively, showing the ability to defend inside or along the perimeter while constantly piling on weak-side blocks and contesting without fouling at the rim. He’s a three-level scorer that plays hard and displays a willingness to do the little things on both ends. College coaches should lay groundwork here, especially given Burnham’s recent reclassification and transfer to Carmel Christian—where he’ll continue to physical develop into an even tougher two-way beast.


6’4 ’20 Trent McIntyre (New Light Disciples)

We’ve written a lot about the New Light Disciples over the current summer season, but still not enough folks are talking about Trent McIntyre. In many ways, he’s the true motor of this team, given the way he consistently does a little bit of everything but can take over as needed. McIntyre is a smart, well-rounded guard that handles the ball, scores on all three levels, and reliably creates for himself and others. He’s a dog-like competitor that plays with an exceptional blend of ferocity and intelligence on both ends of the floor. McIntyre possesses a great motor and understands how to overwhelm his assignment with constant energy. One of the most appealing things about McIntyre is his ability to actively toggle between various different roles while still being a smooth, steady, productive presence. He received his first, well-deserved offer from UVA-Wise this week, but should likely see many more over the coming months.


5’11 ’21 Clay Hodges (Carolina Riptide)

It should come as no surprise, but the Carolina Riptide has been one of our favorite programs to cover. They encompass the team-first philosophy as well as any program and feature a roster of college-level prospects that understand how to play for each other on both sides of the ball, which often starts with the leadership of Clay “Smoke” Hodges. We’ve written about him extensively, but it’s easy to get enamored with a prospect that continually beats and outworks “more talented” players on a regular basis. Unlike most, it starts with Hodges’ defensive ability, which is undeniably impressive for a guy of his size. At 5-foot-11, he has the ability to switch onto any position and give the opposition absolute problems. Hodges is genuinely one of the toughest kids to attend our events, constantly taking a physical beating and quickly hopping up to prepare for the next possession. He’s an intelligent leader that works through constant communication and great team-chemistry. Hodges is a steady offensive presence that creates for others, evenly distributes the ball, and scores on all levels as needed. He’s a proven winner that will be a major benefit to a program at the next level.