This past weekend, Phenom Hoops returned back to the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina for another exciting grassroots event. Given the sheer amount of talent, there were quality teams across all divisions and age groups—which ultimately resulted in rugged competition from start to finish. Things are getting steadily more intense and meaningful for these players, as the LIVE period is rapidly approaching. There were numerous standouts and noteworthy individuals on display between the three-day event, and we will take a closer look at some personal favorites…

6’5 ’22 Mykol Sanchez (North Florida Elite)

Anyone who didn’t get the privilege of spectating North Florida Elite over the last two weekends is definitely missing out on some exciting, high-level talent, like Mykol Sanchez. On paper, this group is probably the underdog in every contest. They don’t have elite size or depth, but their collective IQ and downright grittiness make them a nightmare matchup for opponents. Add in the leadership and incredible abilities of Sanchez, and they were easily among the top teams on display. He’s a long, sturdy, extremely skilled wing prospect with IQ, toughness, and unbelievable three-level scoring ability. Sanchez is a great defender, rebounder, and overall teammate with an understanding of when to take over and dominate. He effortlessly creates for himself and others off the bounce, showing an uncanny knack for being able to generate clean looks from literally anywhere on the floor. Sanchez is a sharp passer and quality all-around athlete, but his extremely efficient scoring ability makes him virtually unstoppable. He totaled 46 points in a winning effort against one of the top teams in attendance, which brought his average to a robust 37 PPG across the weekend. College coaches should definitely be involved with Sanchez, as he’s already a clear scholarship-level prospect 

7’0 ’22 Patrick Wessler (CC Elite)

After another fairly dominant team showing from CC Elite, folks should certainly be buzzing about Patrick Wessler’s performance throughout the weekend. Although they have a very balanced group, it comes as no surprise to see the seven-footer imposing his will unto opponents in each contest. Wessler embraces his identity and understands his strengths on the court, looking to establish himself on the block and accessing his most reliable scoring avenue as frequently as possible. He’s truly unstoppable when getting to his left, but also finishes with his off-hand and spaces the floor at a reliable rate from the perimeter. Wessler is a phenomenal two-way rebounder with great strength and positioning around the basket. He’s a useful defender with the ability to alter and block shots at a quality rate. Wessler also runs the floor properly in transition and excels within his role on both ends of the floor. Already coveted by numerous high-level programs, expect to see his offer sheet continue to grow over the next twelve months. 

6’0 ’23 Jordan Cooper (All Carolina)

Given everything he’s done over the last calendar year, people should’ve already been anticipating Jordan Cooper’s breakout campaign. Well, it’s happening. Already regarded as an elite three-point shooter, Cooper showcased the full arsenal throughout our G3 Showcase. He displayed IQ, toughness, leadership, and consistently set the tone on both ends of the floor. Cooper is an exceptional defender with great quickness and anticipation, which allows him to suffocate opposing ball-handlers and force turnovers with regularity. He’s a noted off-ball threat, but showed the ability to run a team and create for himself or others with the ball in his hands. Cooper applied his usual amount of pressure from beyond the arc but also got downhill and finished or hit midrange pull-ups. Right now, Cooper is still somewhat physically underdeveloped, yet seems likely to continue growing. Should that occur, opponents should be legitimately terrified, because he will easily be amongst the top players in the state. That being said, Cooper is already a prospect who should warrant plenty of attention from scholarship-level programs. 

6’3 ’24 Micah Gilbert (Team Curry)

The G3 Showcase was our first opportunity to watch Team Curry 2024, and they certainly had a variety of enticing pieces. However, arguably no one on the roster was as consistently impressive as Micah Gilbert. We’ve seen Gilbert over the last few years grow from a young, advanced middle-schooler to a legitimate prospect with all-around ability. In terms of offensive polish, folks would be hard-pressed to find many guys more skilled and capable of applying said abilities. Gilbert has a strong, sturdy frame and quality athleticism, which makes him a fairly difficult matchup for most opposing guards. Although he can create off of multi-dribble combos, his simplistic, straightforward scoring approach is what makes him such an appealing player. Gilbert can certainly spot-up or move without the ball, but also regularly finds scoring opportunities with the ball in his hands. He finishes very well through contact, possesses picturesque shooting mechanics, and accesses clean looks on one, two, and three-dribble pull-ups. Gilbert has a lot of similarities to a young MJ Collins, but will certainly blaze his own path over the coming years. Expect to hear his name a lot going forward. 

6’5 ’24 Lewis Walker (Team CP3)

Given how many teams avoid competition, one can easily appreciate Team CP3’s willingness to play against the top opponents North Carolina has to offer. While this roster is absolutely loaded with talent across the board, one could argue that Lewis Walker is quietly among their most valuable all-around pieces. He’s a natural glue-guy with the IQ, versatility, and complete skillset to produce against all levels of competition. There seems to be so much concern surrounding his position, but does it really matter? For starters, Walker is in the Class of 2024 and has ample time to address anything he desires. Second and more importantly, his current identity has yet to be stopped—regardless of opponent. He’s a big, strong, skilled forward prospect with the ability to naturally cause mismatches for opponents. Walker is way too physically overwhelming for perimeter opponents and far too skilled/mobile for most interior opponents. He’s an efficient scorer from all levels and displays the necessary craftiness to effectively create off the dribble. Walker also utilizes his body and rebounds the ball very well on both ends of the floor. It’s still early, but Walker continues to be a name worth noting for the foreseeable future.