6'0 '19 Caleb Fields (Aspire Academy/Arkansas State commit)

The second day of Bojangles Bash opened in exciting fashion, as Aspire Academy suited up to battle against local powerhouse Gray Collegiate. He suffered an injury late in this contest, but Caleb Fields was still the most impactful player on either squad. The point guard does an excellent job of leading by example and consistently setting the tone for this team. Fields is quick and has the ability to blow by most defenders, frequently entering the paint and showcasing his craftiness as a finisher and playmaker. He's tough and plays with a great burst of speed in transition, which allows him to beat opponents down the floor with relative ease. Fields has a high IQ and sees the floor exceptionally well, always looking to make the smartest available play. He shoots the ball efficiently from all levels while maintaining a strong level of unselfishness. If he were slightly taller, high-major programs would be fighting over him. Instead, Arkansas State will get a phenomenal floor general for the foreseeable future.


6'3 '19 Talton Jones (Trinity Christian)

Though Trinity Christian lost on Friday night, one could argue that Talton Jones was the most reliable player on the roster. He was spectacular at our Hoops and Dreams Showcase, and did a great job of carrying over his quality play to the Bojangles Bash. People that expect massive scoring totals and flashy crossovers aren't going to be content with Jones' style, but truly he's the type of player that consistently wins games. He has a vital two-way role on this team and embraces their concept extremely well. Jones and Greg Gantt are the best defensive duo in the state, and it's not really close. He can shut down the point of attack and force an abundance of turnovers while actively switching across two to three positions and outrebounding his assignment. Offensively, Jones is smart and takes care of the ball. He only takes quality shots and looks to create opportunities for others on a regular basis. As far as real two-way players go, Jones should be regarded as one of the best at his position, especially in North Carolina.


6'6 '19 Ahmard Harvey (Aspire Academy)

The most intriguing player on display at Bojangles Bash was Ahmard Harvey, a long, rangy, combo-forward that is just beginning to scratch the surface of his two-way abilities. Physically, Harvey is quite striking, as he certainly looks like a basketball player. It was interesting to hear that he's only been playing the sport for two years, because he showed a lot of natural ability and was able to do things that most prospects simply cannot. On Thursday, Harvey was definitively the most impressive offensive rebounder and arguably the best overall rebounder on display. He brought that same approach and intensity to their showing on Friday, where he was still the second-leading rebounder (behind his teammate, Prosper Obidiebube) and proved that his two-way glass-eating was no fluke. Harvey was really difficult for opponents to contain inside the arc, as he scores in a very unique, slippery manner. He's a very interesting prospect that certainly belongs at the Division I level, but it'll be fascinating to see where he ends up, as he could find success at a variety of different levels.


6'6 '19 Christian Brown (Oak Hill)

This Oak Hill squad has looked tougher with each passing day, especially with Christian Brown buying into his role on both ends of the floor. When he defends, rebounds, and moves on offense, Brown is at his maximum value, as there is no need for him to shoot or create on this team. He has clear ability as a versatile defender, given his excellent blend of size, athleticism, and motor, which allows him to switch across multiple positions without hesitation. Brown is a quality rebounder that runs the floor well and does a great job of attacking the basket and playing above the rim. With a supporting cast like this, it's easy to see how Brown could flourish at the next level.


6'11 '20 Dylan Cardwell (Oak Hill)

There's so much to like on this Oak Hill team, but there's a legitimate argument that Dylan Cardwell is the best big man on this roster, even though most of the attention is directed towards nationally-regarded Kofi Cockburn. Cardwell received limited minutes in this contest, but showed a lot of two-way polish. He's a great rim-protector, rebounder, and defender that can move his feet well in space. Cardwell has a terrific frame, given his strength and overall athletic fluidity, which should allow him to truly start bullying opponents. Right now, he has a clear identity on defense and the glass, and will definitely be a prospect to revisit in a year, as he'll be a two-way monster with a more direct offensive approach.