The start of two highlight intriguing matchups, Combine Academy and Dorman looked to give the fans and viewers a show.  In what looked to be a fast-pace game, Combine Academy was able to make their mark early on, pushing the pace, finding success from the perimeter, and making it extremely difficult for Dorman on the defensive end. Combine really took control of the game early with a 25-4 lead at the end of the first.

Dorman started to find some success, looking to find some consistency against Combine's defense and get some easy baskets, which they were able to knock down a few more outside shots and get to the lane behind Jordyn Surratt and Davison Wright.  But Combine's depth was simply too much, as they took the 37-19 halftime lead into the locker room.

From then on, Combine continued to hold their lead, using their depth and style of play, as there was too much firepower.  Dorman was able to cut it down to as low as 15 points but never any closer.

Final: Combine 69 – Dorman 44

Combine Academy:
Robert Dillingham 20 points
AJ Smith 14 points
Omarion Bodrick 7 points
Patrick Wessler 7 points

Jordyn Surratt 16 points
Davison Wright 8 points
Earl Burgess 6 points