Rick Lewis said it best at the Phenom Stay Positive… Caleb Foster is one smooth operator. 

It has been amazing to watch the blow-up for Foster, as many could see that he was going to be a name to remember in the 2023 class early on.  He gave us glimpses night after night at Hickory Ridge high school, leading his team to an impressive season.

But many wouldn’t say they saw this kind of blow-up so quickly and so early.  But here we are, as Foster has already earned several high-major offers from schools and more should be coming down the road.

When you watch him operate on the court, you almost get mesmerized by how he approaches the game, showcasing his skillset and IQ with ease at times.  Foster’s ability to be a floor general on the court is certainly impressive, showing poise in creating and finding his teammates as well as scoring around the rim.  His added strength to his frame has certainly helped him handle the level of play. 

You quite frankly don’t see a point guard operate as he does at such a young age; it usually takes time to understand the game.  But Foster’s ability to read defenders, see the floor and space, create for himself and for others, while also scoring the ball on all levels… it’s big-time.

And he does it with a calm and smooth presence on the floor. 

There is no doubt about it, Foster will rank up there near the top, if not at the top by some, in a loaded 2023 class and will soon become a national name for everyone around the country.