By; Kevin Moses

2024 Grady Robertson from William Blount High School is an electrifying athlete with incredible skills and a true leader that is a proven winner. Grady is explosive off the bounce and a fierce finisher with a variety of crafty moves. Grady is an elite scorer from anywhere on the court. A beautiful shot from deep but with athleticism and blow-by speed and wicked handles attack mode is his greatest weapon.

With his length, it’s game over once he sets his mind to beat you; you can pick your poison. Grady can flourish in any position. Grady is also a beast on the boards too, tough and scrappy fighting for every single rebound near him on both ends. Grady loves when you doubt him and takes that as a personal challenge and takes his game to another level.

He does all the little things beyond the numbers to get the win. Grady set a goal to make a name for himself and he is doing just that earning the respect of players and coaches. One the most unselfish players you will find out there, he just gets it done. Grady has D1 skill set that will impact any team. In the AAU session, Grady averaged 15pts, 9rebs, and 3asts. This was a slight improvement from last season where he averaged 12pts, 8rebs, and 2asts but he didn’t stop there. In the fall league, he elevates those nice skills even more to the tune of a double-double average where last week I watched him go off for 28pts, 13rebs, and 3asts.

Setting the stage for a breakout senior season in which his goal is to take his team to the championship. Not just getting there but cutting down the nets. If you ain’t seen this young star play, catch the last run this season.