Last night, 6’4” unsigned senior Ahmad Jeffries broke his school’s single-season scoring record…for the second time this season. Jeffries poured in 52 points in the win, breaking his previous school record of 49 points set earlier this year. He is turning his high school basketball year on its head in North Carolina this season.

Unsigned Senior Ahmad Jeffries is having a Record Breaking High School Season…

In the scoring explosion also made 11 3s, which also ties a school record, you guessed it, that Jeffries set previously this season. Jeffries is rolling this season, through his team’s 16 high school basketball games played he has already scored 529 points and connected on 85 threes.

The fact that he sits #1 and #2 on his school’s all-time single-game scoring record list is impressive because New Garden Friends (sitting in Greensboro, North Carolina) has not been short of talented players. Currently, the school has players who are playing Division 1 basketball at the likes of USF, Buffalo, College of Charleston and East Tennessee State.

With all the focus on the incredible scoring prowess Coby White right now (and rightfully so), it is Jeffries who leads the state in scoring this high school basketball season. If Jeffries maintains this pace, with an estimated 14 games left, he is en route to finishing with 992 points for the season and 159 3-pointers made. If this happens, these numbers will go in the North Carolina Record Books.

We will say it again, this is year is shaping up to be special for Jefferies. If we extrapolate his current numbers throughout the entire high school basketball season he would finish at 992 points, he would be second all-time (1st is 1,054 by Darius McGhee). He would set the record for most points scored in a single season by a senior (previously 961 by Donald Williams). With 159 made 3s, he would finish second all-time (1st is 164 by Josh King).

It’s the halfway point through this high school basketball season. it is about time that fans AND college coaches start to take notice. It is truly breathtaking!