Team Charlotte

6’7 ’22 Jeremy Gregory- The strong-bodied big man continues to take fantastic strides in his development process. He’s the undisputed leader of this team and knows how to be productive even when his shot isn’t falling. Gregory utilizes his body extremely well to clear out space for rebounds. He runs the floor properly and finishes extremely well with either hand.



6’1 ’22 Tre McCloud- Aside from Lebron Thomas, McCloud was definitely the most polished prospect on this FIBA roster. He’s smart, poised, and displayed the ability to make an impact at either backcourt position. McCloud can assume ball-handling duties and makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands.


DTA Elite

6’0 ’20 Trevon Williams- The DTA Elite squad was firing on all cylinders today, mainly due to the exceptional two-way play from Williams. He actively toggled between both guard positions and made his presence felt in all facets of the game. Williams is smart, athletic, and scores the ball with great efficiency from all three levels.


Juice All-Stars

6’4 ’20 AJ Thompson- The combo-guard has been very effective today, both as a scorer and creator for others. He possesses great length and understands how to properly utilize it, especially when attacking the basket and finishing through contact. Thompson is a matchup problem, given his blend of size and guard skills, and should become increasingly coveted over the coming months.


6’7 ’20 Zach Shumate- In terms of sheer motor, no player offered more energy than Shumate, who makes his presence felt at all times. He’s tougher than opponents think and will outwork anyone for available rebounds or loose balls. Shumate continues to show improvements as a scorer, particularly from the perimeter, and should begin accumulating offers very soon.


Main Event Elite

5’11 ’19 Jai Rorie- No one in attendance has stood out more for their shooting ability than Rorie, who is simply unbelievable from beyond the arc. He doesn’t have elite size, but he understands how to find space and set himself up for success. Rorie only requires a glimmer of daylight to get off a clean look and typically makes a vast majority of his attempts. He is absolutely talented enough to succeed at the next level.