The Hoop State Fall League gives us a great chance at Phenom Hoops to get an early look at several teams early on, and we are looking to dive into a bit of what we have seen on the court.

Weddington is a very well-known program around the state of North Carolina, as they have produced some strong talent over the years as well as racked up plenty of wins.  But I believe there is a new duo really starting to develop with this program, as 2024 Grant Hamilton and 2025 KJ Younger should be a fun duo to watch this coming season. 

These are two players that have different styles on the court but they could really complement each other well, along with the other talent on the roster.  Hamilton is a very well-known name throughout the state, as many would regard him as the top shooter in the state with his shot-making ability, as well as how strong he can be creating and his IQ.  Younger is a name that we have raved about before, but I believe that this is his year to make a statement; he is strong and physical on the court, finishing at the rim and getting inside defense. 

This is why these two could really balance each other on the floor in forming a strong duo to help lead the charge at Weddington.  When you have them, on top of players like 2024 Jack Ellyson, 2024 Noah Muteb, and others on the roster, it could really make this a dangerous team to watch out for.