Last weekend, we had the privilege of watching Team CP3 en route to the championship game at our Queen City Middle School Showcase. They undoubtedly have one of the top programs in the Carolinas and that certainly includes their middle school group. This article will take a closer look at some of the cornerstone pieces for this team

5’10 Jaylen Curry

The scoring guard is one of the most electric all-around prospects in North Carolina’s middle school ranks. He’s long, quick, and effortlessly scores the ball from anywhere inside the arc. Curry is a smart player and capable passer, but his ability to fill it up as a scorer is nearly unmatched. He possesses great defensive upside and already forces turnovers at a strong rate.

5’10 Aden Holloway

A perfect complement to his backcourt mate, Holloway is a fantastic shooter with excellent range and repeatable shot mechanics. He’s an efficient three-level scorer that understands how to consistently mix it up on offense. Holloway sees the floor well, especially in transition, and always looks to make the right play. He’s incredibly patient for a middle-school prospect and shows exceptional poise at all times.

5’10 Xavier Matthews

The other main guard for this team is Matthews, a strong, athletic backcourt prospect with the ability to toggle between positions. He is capable of filling various different roles for this group, especially when sharing the court with the aforementioned duo. Matthews attacks the midrange with great consistency and scores whenever he wants around the elbows. He can also take on ball-handling and creation duties when necessary.

6’3 Marcus Brown

Arguably the most impressive prospect of the group is Brown, considering how polished he already is, but also how much he could continue growing. He’s big and strong like a forward, but moves and handles the ball like a guard. Brown is capable of scoring on all three levels and is particularly effective when getting downhill and attacking the basket. He possesses great two-way versatility and a great all-around feel for the game. Start tracking Brown now, as he’s almost guaranteed to be a star.

6’8 Gregory Jackson

The lone true big man for this CP3 group is Jackson, a long, active post prospect that embraces his role on both sides of the ball. He doesn’t necessarily require offensive touches to make an impact on the game. Jackson utilizes his size and length especially well on the defensive side, consistently altering and blocking shots within the paint. He’s truly only beginning to scratch the surface of his offensive abilities, but already possesses great timing and instincts.