6’6 Jayden Pretty

Given the structure of this group, Pretty regularly stands out as a leader. He’s a skilled, strong-bodied big man with touch, footwork, and quality feel inside the paint. He finishes well around the basket, but can also knock down jumpers and make quality passes. Pretty does a great job of rebounding the ball on both ends, altering shots defensively, and running the floor in transition. His game continues to steadily expand. He should be expected to receive numerous offers this summer. 

6’3 Ian Goings

This team is always better when Goings is comfortable and involved in the action. He’s a versatile wing prospect with a nice blend of size, athleticism, and ball skills. Goings is a reliable penetrator and cutter with vision, finishing ability, and a solid perimeter jumper. He also stands out as a scrappy defender, capable rebounder, and willing hustle player.

5’6 Caleb Jenkins

Though undersized, it’s easy to see the value that Jenkins brings to this group. He’s a very quick, scrappy point guard. Jenkins utilizes his sharp first step to touch the paint, where he’s able to make solid reads or score on floaters/runners. He’s also a tough on-ball defender with the ability to knock down open jumpers. Jenkins is very fast in the open floor.

6’2 Will Olden

Arguably the top shooting threat on the roster, Olden stands out as a knockdown shooter and great off-ball cutter. He’s a capable initiator and active defender who crashes the glass well for his size/position. Olden gets to his spots in transition, sets up early, and converts at a consistently high percentage from beyond the arc. He can also attack closeouts and finish or make the right pass to an open teammate. 

6’6 Caleb Temoney

The appeal with someone like Temoney should be fairly obvious, especially given his physical tools and continually improving skillset. He’s already long, wiry, and displays flashes of ball skills and shooting prowess. Temoney is a useful defender and rebounder with the necessary length and athleticism to disrupt opponents. He does a nice job of making his presence felt, but still possesses clear upside on both ends of the floor. 

6’1 ’24 Joshua Smith

Each guy on this roster serves a clear purpose, and Smith finds a ton of success through his ability to fill in the gaps and do the dirty work. He’s a capable shooting threat with feel and ball skills, but doesn’t necessarily require a ton of touches to make an impact. Smith is a menacing defender with quickness, positioning, and a willingness to sacrifice his body. He also rebounds well for his size. 

6’3 ’24 Cooper Wiley

Given his blend of size, creation skills, and ability to apply scoring pressure from basically anywhere inside the arc, it’s easy to see what Wiley brings to the team. He handles the ball, looks to set up others, and can reliably get downhill to finish or pull up off the bounce. Wiley plays well through contact and contains his assignment well defensively. 

6’1 ’24 Jordan Burgess

It’s easy to see what someone like Burgess brings to the table as a pretty steady, well-rounded guard with feel and scoring prowess. He can create his own shot, set up others, and apply scoring pressure from all levels. Burgess mixes it up at a healthy rate, contains his assignment well on defense, and pushes the break effectively in transition. 

6’1 ’24 Dwayne Mazyck

Between his skill and physical nature, Mazyck makes an excellent impact for this squad. He’s a tough, unselfish guard prospect with the ability to overwhelm opponents on both ends of the floor. Mazyck is a capable shooter but arguably at his best when getting downhill and finishing around the basket. He’s a rugged defender with the blend of quickness, positioning, and instincts to force a lot of turnovers.