Northside Christian:

6’8 ’20 Jaden Seymour

The high-level forward prospect was clearly the most impactful performer on either team during this contest. He continued to show the development of his skillset and maturation of his overall approach to the game, scoring efficiently, owning the glass, and making numerous plays on defense. Seymour does a nice job of attacking the basket without forcing the action and poses a constant above-the-rim threat. He’s an extremely well-rounded athlete that looks like a forward but moves like a guard. It should only be a matter of time before Seymour emerges as a top-75 prospect in the Class of 2020.


Rock Hill:

6’8 ’20 MJ Wildy

The long-bodied big man was able to make a pretty strong two-way impression throughout this showing, utilizing his length exceptionally well and showing much improved ball skills. He was able to handle the ball in transition and looked comfortable making plays, which is extremely unique for his size/position. Wildy operates effectively around the basket and displayed touch with both hands out of the low post. He’s a game-changing presence on both ends of the floor, but looks likely to continue developing, as he’s done nicely throughout the last calendar year.


6’5 ’20 Saiveon Williams

There’s so much to like with the forward prospect, especially considering how much more fluid his ball skills have become within the last six to eight months. He has an excellent frame and quality athleticism, which allows him to toggle between two to three positions with no issue. Williams finishes exceptionally well around the basket and has continued to sharpen the mechanics of his three-point shot. He is a clear Division I prospect and should be monitored closely over the next two years, as he still has ample time to maximize his skillset.


Porter Gaud:

5’10 ’20 Chai Kirshtein

Most folks already know that Josiah James is going to be the focal point of Porter Gaud’s offense, so it’s huge when guys like Krishtein are able to step up, like he did tonight. There weren’t many role players that were able to shine brighter than Kirshtein, who was able to knock down multiple big shots from beyond the arc. He’s a capable ball-handler that does a great job of moving the ball and staying out of trouble.


Nation Ford:

6’0 ’19 Zeb Graham

The guard prospect was very exciting throughout this contest. He plays with an incredible amount of flair, both as a ball-handler and passer, and is able to make extremely difficult reads look quite easy. Graham knows how to create for himself and others with relative ease, frequently generating space and pulling-up from the midrange area. He’s able to score effectively from all three levels, but plays unselfishly, offering a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. His skillset is somewhat unique, but he’s clearly a scholarship-worthy prospect.


6’2 ’19 Shaman Alston

This Nation Ford squad is simply overflowing with college-level talent at nearly every position, which definitely includes Alston. The wing prospect is a phenomenal shot-maker, able to consistently create for himself and knock down unbelievably difficult jumpers. Alston can also bump off-ball and make efficient use of his spot-up chances along the perimeter. He already holds a slew of D2 offers and should continue to accumulate them going forward.


Oak Hill:

6’4 ’20 Cameron Thomas

There’s plenty of debate about the best scorer in the country, but most people should realize that it’s Thomas, regardless of class. That being said, he didn’t have his best showing in this contest and still was able to dominate. His ability to create space and completely disregard defensive pressure (and convert) is unlike anyone else in the country. Thomas arguably has the smoothest jumper around the region; he only requires a glimmer of daylight to torch the opposition. He has no foreseeable holes in his scoring ability and should be able to accumulate offers from every single program in the country.


5’11 ’20 Evan Johnson

The guard rotation on this Oak Hill squad is simply ridiculous, but there are times when Johnson gets forgotten or overshadowed by the immense hype. In this contest, he did an excellent job of making the most of his touches and knocking up open spot-up opportunities. Johnson has such terrific shooting mechanics and every attempt he takes looks likely to go in. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up at the next level, as he could certainly contribute to a wide variety of programs.



6’0 ’20 Myles Tate

The clear leader of this Dorman squad is Tate, who does an impeccable job of consistently setting the tone on both ends of the floor. He’s so sharp and quick with the ball in his hands, able to get by most opponents and make plays from anywhere on the court. Tate didn’t have a particularly impressive shooting performance, but still showed the ability to create space and control the offensive action from start to finish. He’s such a relentless defender that can shut down most opposing point guards and force turnovers.


Christ School:

6’3 ’20 Norance Berry

The guard prospect has finally returned to the hardwood and picked up where he left off, handling the ball and facilitating at a high level. He showed the ability to get to the basket and finish strong through contact, but can also play above the rim in doses. His feel for the game is quite strong and he’s an effective three-level scorer when hunting for buckets. Berry is still getting back to full strength and should be very intriguing once he’s healthy again.


IMG Academy:

6’10 ’19 Armando Bacot

The UNC commit was arguably the most reliable performer for IMG between their two games at our Battle at the Rock, especially considering how easily he dominated the glass while highlighting his scoring and incredible shot-blocking instincts. Bacot runs the floor extremely well and has an all-around amazing feel for the game.


6’8 ’22 Jarace Walker
The lone freshman prospect on their active roster is Walker, who already possesses all the necessary tools to become a legitimate star sooner than later. He’s big, strong, skilled, and incredibly athletic, which makes him nearly impossible to contain. Walker handles the ball extremely well for his size and has phenomenal vision. There isn’t a single hole within his game and he’ll definitely be a player to keep an eye on throughout the next few years.