With his season cut short this year due to injury, 2021 Glynn Hubbard from Northside Christian is ready to get back and showcase his game.  It was a tough season for Hubbard to sit sideline this season and watch his team on the court after facing a tough knee injury.  But he has been putting in the work over the last few months and is starting to get somewhat back to normal.

“Recovery is going well,” he told Phenom Hoops.  “I’m in month 4 now and just starting to jog and run again.  On track to be cleared by the end of July.”

When a player is sidelined though, it certainly is an obstacle to overcome.  Hubbard faced some tough times but it took some time and it seemed to help him not only understand the game more but to also push him to even more when he looks to come back.

“The process has been a learning process for me but it has helped me love the game more and given me motivation to come back better than ever.  It definitely has helped me build my IQ more and help me understand pace and how to control the game more.”

With a few months to go in his recovery, Hubbard can’t wait to get back to showing his game and what he can provide on the court.  Furthermore, he is ready to come after everyone and with him not being able to play in months, he isn’t taking anything for granted.

“I’m ready to go after everyone and play every game like it is my last and not take anything for granted,” he said. 

As far as his recruitment goes, Hubbard mentioned that some schools are still staying in touch with him throughout his recovery.  Schools like FAU, Elon, and Appalachian State have been talking to him, which means a lot to him during this time.

“They have just been checking in on me and seeing how my recovery is going and how I’m doing,” Hubbard replied.  “I’ve been able to build a very good personal relationship with the coaches from FAU and good bonds with Elon and Appalachian State.”

It hasn’t been easy by any means for Hubbard, who still ranks as one of the top guards in his class for 2021.  And when he is able to get back on the court, there is no doubt that he will be ready to put his talent on full display.