Credit: Dinos Trigonis

Player: Brannon Martinsen
School: Mater Dei
Height: 6’7
Class: 2026

At the recent Hoophall Classic, we had a great chance to watch several big-time prospects in action throughout the loaded event and we were eager to see Mater Dei in action, a team loaded with talent and having an exceptional year.

One player that we remembered watching back in 2022 was then young prospect 2026 Brannon Martinsen, getting our first viewing at the Ron Massey Memorial event with Dinos Trigonis. At the event, we had this to say about Martinsen’s game and how he impressed:

“Got a strong feeling that 2026 Brannon Martinsen @MaterDeiHoops is going to be another prospect you hear about. Another forward that stretches the floor, quite skilled for his age, & made plays inside & out. Good natural feel early on.”

Fast forward to today, and that statement couldn’t be truer as Martinsen continues to develop, add more to his game, and show that he will be a target for many programs. At the Hoophall Classic, he finished with an impressive 21 points and 10 rebounds, showing his overall impact and skillset as a 6’7 prospect. We are talking about a very skilled, fluid forward that can compete inside and out, really mixing it up well and simply having a natural feel for the game. Martinsen can hurt you in a variety of ways and gives you that extra effort to outwork his opponents.  And when talking to him about how his game has been developing over the years, he mentioned that he is concentrating on working more on his inside game.

“I’ve been so used to playing outside growing up because of my training, so I’ve been really focused on developing my post-game for a while to get a complete game,” he said. “My main focus is just trying to be versatile and be helpful in any way needed of me when I’m playing.”

Though he is continuing to put in the work, one can’t deny that this is a young prospect that has a well-rounded game, allowing him to play multiple positions, stretch the floor with his shot-making, and battle down low as well.

Right now, he holds offers from California, USC, Iowa, Illinois, Creighton, LMU, San Jose State, and Cal State Northridge, but that list should only continue to grow quickly this summer.