By: Wake Hoops

In Part 3, we make our way into the top 20 and look at five prospects who should all have a wide variety of college options come graduation.

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(16) 6'6' Levi Beckwith (Heritage)

Beckwith is a smart, physical forward that plays with a high motor and unselfish approach. What makes him a unique prospect is his ability to create for others and make advanced passing reads. He has a solid frame and moves well for his size, able to match up well with pretty much any forward or big. He's a capable three-point shooter with solid mechanics and growing confidence, it should be an area of his game that we see growth from over the next 18 months. His footwork is advanced as he's very comfortable finishing drives through traffic and creating space in both the high and low post. Beckwith has excellent touch around the rim, evidenced by his ability to connect on a variety of floaters, tough layups, and short jumpers/hooks. His passing cannot be overstated as he's arguably the best playmaker at his size in the triangle. He reads defenses as quickly as a lot of guards and uses fakes and pacing to manipulate weakside defenders. Beckwith can be used in a variety of ways, something that I believe we will see this year at Heritage under first-year head coach Gibson Pyper.

(17) 6'6' Evan Dean (Trinity Academy)

Dean is a prolific shooter and well-rounded scorer with good size and length. His shooting at his size gives him an obvious floor as a prospect and is something that will make him a matchup nightmare at Trinity Academy this year. He has less traditional shot mechanics but it's consistent and there's been zero sign that it won't translate to higher levels. Maybe the most crucial part of his shooting is his demeanor in that he never gets too high or too low. Because of this, he's always liable to get hot and stay hot, regardless of the result of his last shot. He's comfortable with or without the ball in his hands as he doesn't need offense to run through him to be effective. Dean is a capable handler, driver, and finisher which compliments his high-level shooting well. He has a good understanding of defensive rotations and how to use his length to disrupt offenses. Overall, he's a high-floor/high-ceiling prospect thanks to his size, shooting, and IQ.

(18) 6'7' Ira Wilson (Southern Wake)

Wilson does so many little things that impact winning. He doesn't have a definite weakness in his game and can adapt to whatever his team needs at the moment. He's a capable shooter and handler but thrives when creating plays out of straight-line drives. He processes defensive rotations quickly and knows when and how to make the next pass. He's also a savvy cutter and high-motor rebounder that's difficult to keep off the boards due to his length and frame. Defensively, he's a versatile piece that can slide his feet well on the perimeter while also protecting the rim at a high level. He rotates quicker than anyone else on the court and anticipates offensive moves before they happen. Because of these intangible tools, Wilson is one of the most valuable and well-rounded two-way players around and always has a positive impact on the game.

(19) 6'1' Cam'ren Reyes (Garner)

Reyes is a dynamic scoring guard that plays can get to his spots in a variety of ways and is an underrated athlete. His calling card is his ability to score the basketball, both in isolation and within the flow of the offense. He's quick with the ball in his hands and has a frame that punishes weaker guards. He gets good lift on his pull-up jumpers and is a dynamic and crafty finisher at the rim. His change of pace has improved and he's looking more and more comfortable playing at different speeds. His length and aggression make him a solid defender at his position. His overall defensive impact has been silently growing for a while, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him take a noticeable jump on that end this season. Reyes has also proven this summer that he can act as the primary creator and run a team effectively, something that can boost his stock significantly with a bigger sample size.

(20) 6'1' Hayes Oxendine (Leesville Road)

Oxendine is maybe the best pure shooter in the triangle right now with elite mechanics and confidence, a true five-tool shooter (Off the dribble, C&S, off the move, high volume, good flow (ability to adjust in fragile/difficult circumstances)). He can be just as effective in creating his own shot in isolation or running off multiple screens. His shot creation profile is simply awesome and gives him an obviously translatable skill to the next level. Outside of his shooting, Oxendine has good feel and a high IQ, able to manipulate defenses with fakes, timing, and changes of pace. He hasn't been tasked with running a team at Leesville Road yet (something that should change this year), but he is capable of switching roles and controlling an offense, evidenced by his success with Grassroots NC this spring and summer. His ability to flip between the two roles and even incorporate one into the other will make him a highly valuable prospect for various programs at the next level.