2025 Kenny Vera has had a strong season at Northwood Temple, averaging an impressive 21.8ppg, 5.4rpg, 3.5apg, and 1.5spg to lead his team in a variety of ways. Phenom Hoops highlighted him earlier this season after his impressive showing at the Hoops and Dreams Showcase, which can be seen here:

2025 Kenny Vera (Northwood Temple) putting on a show to start the season

We had this to say about his game:

“Vera is such a physical guard who understands how to be a playmaker, a leader, and bring tremendous productivity to the court.? He scores at a high rate, has strong body control, can be strong offensively and defensively, and does a nice blend of stepping up to lead his team and get others involved.”

He has been a consistent presence all year long, and it was an exciting moment when Vera was able to announce that he had received his first offer from Shaw University. We spoke with him shortly after to catch up on the latest and his thoughts on earning that first offer.

Phenom: How would you sum up how everything has been going this season for you, and what have you been wanting to show more with your game?

Vera: Everything has been going well, definitely have had to step up and take a bigger role as a leader on and off the court for my team, something I have always wanted to do. Putting the ball in the basket, getting teammates open, and playing my heart out on the defensive end are all things that are going well for me so far in the season. Do want to show I can guard 1-5, as I’ve usually taken the role as guarding the biggest player on the court all season. Always room to improve offensively and defensively, but want to focus and improve on showing my skills on the defensive end.

Phenom: What was it like to get that first offer from Shaw?

Vera: It feels great, I’ve been waiting a really long time for this moment but I have to say focused and work even harder. Coach just let me know they have had their eyes on me for a little while now. He mentioned that he had seen and heard good things about me, and told me he wanted to offer me.

Phenom: Have any other schools been showing interest?

Vera: Yes, I have been picking up a few interests since this summer. Schools like UNCP, Chowan, and Fayetteville State have all expressed interest.