Player: Andreas Holst
Class: 2025
Position: Forward/Wing
Play For: Bakken Bears

A player that has been going under the radar but could be seeing a blow-up come soon, 2025 7’0 Andreas Holst (Denmark) could see his recruitment take off with what he has been showing and providing on the court. Such an interesting prospect when you watch highlights of his game, as his blend of size, fluid shot-making, athleticism and mobility, and his presence on both ends are truly intriguing.  Which is why schools are starting to really pick up their interest in him. He recently earned an offer from Stetson and then added a huge offer from Illinois, which he talked to us about, but also that list could continue to grow quickly the more you watch him.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game? How do you like to operate and where do you excel? What areas are you continuing to work on? Anyone you model your game after?
Holst: Fast, love getting in transition and I think that is an area where I excel, especially with my size and athleticism. Shooting the three ball is also one of my big strengths. I’ve been working on being more aggressive, with that meaning rebounding and taking it to the rim with contact. Also want to put on weight, and get stronger while also keeping my mobility. I really like Lauri Markannen and Chet Holmgren. I watch a lot of their stuff and see myself a lot in how they play and how they do certain things.

Phenom: You earned your first offer from Stetson. What did they have to say and what do you know about them?
Holst: I had a good talk with Coach Montay Brandon and he let me know what they were all about. I liked what I heard about them and was ecstatic to hear that they had offered me.

Phenom: Then you added a big offer from Illinois. Thoughts on them and what did they have to say?
Holst: They have a great staff and I like their play style. THey really like my upside and think I would be a great fit.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest your way?
Holst: Alabama, Colorado State, Arizona State, Portland, Santa Clara, and several other mid-majors.

Phenom: Any schools that would stand out if they did offer?
Holst: Illinois (which they eventually did) and Alabama would be huge but I like Santa Clara as well. I also really care about development and reps for a D1 school to provide.