2022 Julian Phillips showed why he is one of the top players in the country, as he was unstoppable at the Phenom Memorial Day Classic. It also showed why so many high-major programs are recruiting him hard, s they would love to have his versatility and size on the court.

We recently caught up with Phillips to learn the latest in his recruitment, as we discuss his excitement and focus this summer, which visits he has planned, and what other schools are showing interest and could enter the race? Check out what he had to say.

Phenom: High school is now behind and now playing with Upward Stars. What is your excitement in playing with them this summer?

Phillips: It is always exciting to play with Coach Curt. We have a bunch of great guys that brings something new to the table. The main focus is just getting better every day. Coach Curt emphasizes that July is big for everyone since coaches get to come out, so that is probably the most exciting part.

Phenom: What are some things you are personally focusing on with your game?

Phillips: Just expanding my game out to the wing, as I’m probably going to be a wing player at the next level. So working on my three-point shot and handling the ball has been my main focus.

Phenom: What is your excitement about the LIVE period coming up?

Phillips: I’m very excited, it brings a lot more energy to the game and a lot of eyes watching, not just on me but also for my teammates so they can get some exposure.

Phenom: You hold multiple high-major offers right now. What is your overall thoughts on your recruitment though?

Phillips: It has been great and I appreciate all the schools that have reached out to me in my recruitment. I don’t have a specific date of when I may decide or when I will chop my list down but it is great hearing from all the schools and the next step for me is taking some visits and seeing them with my own eyes.  

Phenom: Your latest offers have been from USC, Indiana, and Boston College. What did they have to say when they offered?

Phillips: They just say that they liked how my game was and my versatility. They think I can help their team win games and it is great to hear from the coaches.

Phenom: You recently mentioned that Florida State, Ohio State, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Kansas, Alabama, and Clemson have all been recruiting you the hardest.  What makes them or stand out in your eyes and what has been their message?

Phillips: I talk to each one a lot and have built a good relationship with each one. Some of the schools I’ve known for a while now, as they got on me early and others are newer but it doesn’t affect it.  I talk to them a lot, daily; and their message is that they like how I play and that I can help them win games.

Phenom: Do you have any visits planned with any schools?

Phillips: So far I have Clemson on June 4th, Wake Forest on July 24th for an unofficial, Ohio State on July 28th I think, and an official with Wake Forest in July.

Phenom: You mentioned Clemson first. What do you like about them outside being in South Carolina?

Phillips: It is very exciting, I’ve been a couple of times. I went there for a football game and also a basketball game. I’ve known them for quite some time now; they have been on me since the ninth grade. We have a real good relationship.

Phenom: You mentioned Wake Forest twice… what is about them that makes you want to head up there?

Phillips: That is just what they said, that they want to get me up there. I’ve got a good relationship with Coach Forbes and Coach McKie. Just want to get up there and see them and I’ve been talking to Coach McKie for a while, so just getting up there, will be good for me.

Phenom: You also mentioned Ohio State, as they have been on you as well. What is your relationship like with them?

Phillips: I have a good relationship with them also. I think they have a great program, great facilities from what I’ve seen. We have had a few zoom calls, talked to the staff all the time. They like how I play.

Phenom: Are there any other schools that you would like to visit or see more?

Phillips: I think Ill have some more planned but I’m not sure which ones I’ll take.

Phenom: Has there been any other schools that haven’t offered that are showing strong interest your way?

Phillips: Yes, I’ve talked to Auburn a lot, Georgia, UCLA, and Oklahoma State.

Phenom: Would any of those schools intrigue you if they did come around with an offer?

Phillips: Yes sir, I think the best thing with college is choosing the right fit, so I would definitely listen to what they have to say.

Phenom: Do you have any time frame of when you may want to ultimately decide?

Phillips: I don’t have a specific date but maybe somewhat towards the end of the summer after July, I may cut down my list.