If you have been keeping up with articles on Phenom Hoops, you have seen multiple articles labeled “Books and Basketball.”  The importance of hard work on the court and in the classroom has been impressive with multiple players around the state and we wanted to add on to that list with 2022 6’6 Davis Molnar.

Down in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Molnar really started to create some traction and awareness of his game with his ability to really impact the game on multiple levels.  What first stands out about Molnar is his size and how he can be used on the court. 

When Phenom Hoops was on deck to watch Molnar this past season, you could immediately see why he should be a big-time player in the state of North Carolina.  With his size, Molnar showed that he could run and initiate the offense, showing terrific touch and vision on the floor which helped him average nearly six assists per game.

He also displayed touch and ability to stretch the floor, pick his spots for his jumper but also move well without the ball to create opportunities for him.  It helped him in multiple games this past season get close or surpass a triple-double.  On the season though, Molnar averaged 14 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 5.7 assists per game.

When speaking with Molnar, he would say much of the same but also show his unselfishness on the court.

“Honestly, my dad and I have always referred to myself as a pass-first shooter, which I like a lot,” he said.  “I would say that I always look to get someone else open or involved before I look to score.  I would much rather have assists than points but when I need to score, I can.”

With his ability to distribute, stretch the floor with his jumper, rebound and initiate the offense, schools like Virginia, Belmont, and Campbell have all been expressing interest his way.

Off the court, Molnar has continued to excel in the classroom with a GPA of 4.26.  His mindset is to not just get it done on the court but to put that same effort and mindset in the classroom as well.

“To me, it is very important to do well in the classroom, just as well as the court because basketball might not last forever and anything can happen to alter your career,” Molnar said. 

Molnar is quickly making his impression on the state of North Carolina with his game, as well as continuing to work hard in the classroom.  It is just a matter of time when more will know his name.