It has been a rough year for 2021 Glynn Hubbard at Northside Christian Academy.  Hubbard, who was having a tremendous summer last year and coming off an impressive showing at the Phenom 150 camp, suffered a tough injury that had him sidelined for months, missing the rest of his high school season and spending months of rehab to get back on the court.

Now, back fully healthy, Hubbard is looking to show why he is a guard in the state of North Carolina that college coaches should be taking a look at more.

He has learned a lot over the last year, going through a lot with his recovery but it gave him time to understand how to expand his game and become a life lesson.

“Playing was going well last season before I got hurt,” Hubbard told Phenom Hoops.  “We had a good team and we were winning.  The recovery process has been long but good, it showed me how to work harder and helped me to expand my game and get stronger.

A life lesson I learned was to always be humble because God can take it all away at any time.  A basketball lesson I learned was to play every game like it was my last and how important leadership is.”

It was tough, day in and day out, taking small steps in his recovery so he could get back on the court but going through all that was worth it, as he now gets his chance to be back on the court.  Now, he gets a chance to show what he has learned during his time being sidelined and his new mindset.

“My game hasn’t really changed, I just added to it, being more of a playmaker and making my teammates better,” he said.  “I want to show that I’m not just a scoring point guard but that I’m a true point guard who can also score.”

Viewing Hubbard on the court during a recent open gym, he showed just that.  He played with tremendous pace and created off the dribble, showcasing his vision and feel while dishing off to his teammates.  Hubbard now is showing that he can be that true lead point guard on the court. 

His recruitment has still been steady but during the last year, it has shown which schools have really wanted him.  Florida Atlantic is one that has been there the whole way, while schools like New Mexico and Mount St. Mary’s have been new interests.

But there is no doubt about it, especially with what we saw on the court, Hubbard looks to be back and ready to show his skillset on the courts.