Greenfield is looking to compete for yet another state title this year, as they have secured another 25+ win season once again under head coach Rob Salter.  It seems every year, this is a program that produces talent at an array of levels and nothing has changed this season.

Talent at all levels, 6’7 forward Trey Pittman has been a staple for this team this year, consistently producing and being a mismatch on the court for opponents. 

Recently, Pittman announced that his recruitment had been picking up, grabbing a few offers lately.  Phenom Hoops reached out to learn about the latest with the senior prospect.

PHR: Congrats on the latest offers? When did you receive them?

Pittman: “Thanks.  Over the last few weeks.” – recently announced he had received offers from Barton College, Lynchburg University, and Randolph-Macon

PHR: How has this season gone for you in your mind and what has been your mindset?

Pittman: “My mindset has been to go on the court and compete, no matter who we play and have my eyes set on another state title run.”

PHR: What offers do you currently hold and what interests do you have?

Pittman: “Barton College, Lynchburg, Randolph-Macon but I have interest from Catawba and Chowan University.”

PHR: What has each program been saying to you and what might you like about them?

Pittman: “I like all the coaches.  They have each told me they like my offensive skillset and how hard I compete.”

PHR: Anything stick out about any of those schools?

Pittman: “I would say they are all about even but I have a really strong relationship with Lynchburg coach staff as of right now.”

PHR: Have you been able to visit any of them?

Pittman: “I’ve been to Randolph-Macon and Lynchburg over the course of this year and I attend Barton games regularly.”

PHR: Since you have been able to visit each one, what do you like that they have to offer?

Pittman: “I like the atmosphere on campus and how each school supports its basketball team. I like Lynchburg and Barton’s style of play and Randolph-Macon’s tradition of winning.”

PHR: What about the schools that have shown interest.  What have they been saying to you?

Pittman: “They have said they need to see me a little more and want me down for a visit.”

PHR: Have you set up any other visits?

Pittman: “Not as of right now, trying to focus on winning a state championship.”

PHR: Any specific time you might want to decide?

Pittman: “I currently have no timetable for a decision.”