Several players come into the offseason with buzz already surrounding them and this year, 2020 guard Jajuan Carr could be one of those players that takes off this summer.

Phenom Hoops has been sitting on the baseline to watch Carr countless times and we believe that Carr has all the intangibles to be a high major prospect.  Speaking with the scouts around the Phenom Hoop Report platform, the consistent praise for Carr’s game is that he can get wherever he wants on the court with the ball in his hands.

It was made apparent the first time we watched him at the NC Phenom 150.

“Carr is a supreme athlete with great strength and explosion heading toward the rim. He has great form and range on his jump shot which pairs well with his ability to get to and finish at and above the rim. Carr’s camp coach stated, “Jajuan is D1! Great shooter, great passer, great athleticism. When he locks in, Carr is also a tough defender.” – NC Phenom 150

Schools have already been coming his way and he could be garnering even more high-major interest in the coming weeks.  Phenom Hoops was able to speak to the rising guard to learn more about what has been going on with his recruitment but this won’t be the last time you hear Carr’s name.

Take a look at the latest player Q&A:

Q: We know it is still early but how has this offseason kicked off for you?  What has been your focus and what do you think of your play so far with WBC?

Carr: This offseason, I’ve been putting in a lot of work with my AAU teammates and high school teammates.  My focus with WBC is to try to develop my game as much as possible to prepare myself and I feel like I’ve been playing more confident but I still need to improve on some things.

Q: We have watched you so many times and love your game.  We always like to hear how players would describe their game.  How would you describe yours?

Carr: I would describe my game as an all-around athletic guard who can score from anywhere, play lockdown defense, and make plays for his team.

Q: How has your recruitment been going?

Carr: Recruitment has been going well.  I’ve been getting to know the coaches more and receiving information from them.

Q: Who has been reaching out lately and who has continued to stay in constant talks with you?  Who has expressed the strongest interest?

Carr: East Carolina, Houston, VCU, North Carolina A&T, UNCG, Middle Tennessee, and Penn University.  East Carolina, Houston, and Iowa State have stayed in constant talks with me and Houston has shown the strongest interest.

Q: What have those three been discussing with you?

Carr: Houston: Houston has been telling me that I fit into their program with their fast style of play and I fit with the tough guards they have.

East Carolina: ECU has been in constant with me about getting a visit to campus sometime during spring break.

Iowa State: ISU checks in on me to see how I’m doing with everything like school and just having a good conversation with me.

Q: Do you have any visits planned or coming up?

Carr: I plan to visit some of the schools in the future.  I’m going to ECU on April 19 for a visit and there could be some more during the spring.