Brady O’Connell is a junior prospect that may have slid under the radar as of late, as the 6’7 junior finished up his season at Ravenscroft averaging 9.3 points per game.  He is also the younger brother of Duke’s Alex O’Connell, as others may have known.

But now, it may be time for people to start recognizing the intrigue and skill set Brady has to offer.  He showcased that recently at the NC Top 80 in March, as the 2020 prospect displayed athleticism, the ability to create, and versatility on the court.  Phenom Hoops analyst Miles Masercola had this to say after watching O’Connell in Greensboro.

“O’Connell is one of the more intriguing prospects in the state of North Carolina regardless of class with his ability to create off the bounce, distribute the ball, and finish above the rim with the best around.  He’s a natural offense initiator and can play up to 4 positions on the court due to his diverse and versatile skill set.  He’s a dangerous weapon in transition which translates to the AAU game really nicely, he can get rebounds, and take it coast to coast, putting it on a defenders head, or using his vision to find a shooter flaring out or another athlete for a lob in transition.”

O’Connell certainly took advantage of the platform, mentioning that it was a great opportunity to show people what exactly he was capable of doing on the court and a perfect start in what he hopes to be an active summer; the competition at the NC Top 80 was a good confidence booster for him.

With it being his first season in North Carolina after transferring from Georgia, O’Connell is hoping that he can gain experience but also let schools discover just exactly what he is capable of doing on the court.  He would describe himself as a unique prospect but one that can impact the game in several areas.

“I believe that with my size and skillset, having the ball out on the perimeter is where I would be most useful and successful at the Division I level,” O’Connell told Phenom Hoop Report.  “I think my game is unique because I’m a 6’7 guard that is quick; I’m going to get by you with 1 or 2 moves and finish at the basket.”

O’Connell had all of that on display at the NC Top 80 and it seems that schools have taken notice since he has competed in North Carolina.

He mentioned that schools from Oklahoma State, UNCG, Charlotte, Wofford, Rice, and a few others have reached out to him, while already being on visits to UNCG, Lipscomb, and Western Carolina.

“They’ve been talking about coming to watch me this summer, stuff about their school and program, and coming up for some visits,” O’Connell said.

Right now, O’Connell doesn’t have any future visits set up but there certainly could be more coming up in the future.  As far as the three he has already visited, here is what stood out to him for each one.

UNCG: “Is a great program with an amazing coaching staff and I also love the level of team chemistry they have.”

Lipscomb: “Has a beautiful campus and I could see myself fitting into their offensive style very nicely.”

Western Carolina: “Has a nice campus right in the mountains and new coaching staff.”

O’Connell is looking to continue to develop his game while in North Carolina, more like he did in his first season at Ravenscroft and at the NC Top 80.  Now, the 2020 product is hoping to capitalize on his success as he heads into what he hopes is a big summer for him.

What Was Said at NC Top 80: “During the stations, games and even the slam dunk contest, O’Connell became a player worth watching on the offensive end of the court.  He can FINISH at the rim and I mean with an emphatic flair.  He has a smooth stroke to his jump shot and the ability to beat his man off the dribble to score in multiple ways.  In my opinion, he had several impressive dunks prior to the dunk contest and he showed a lot of creativity in the contest as well.  A very impressive member of the class of 2020.” – John Allen (Phenom Hoop Report)