At the Phenom Hoops Fall League, I had my first chance to check out Bull City Prep and I walked away incredibly impressed as they look like a team that could make some noise this season. They have talent, multiple weapons, and they are looking to lock in as a team that will certainly bring the fight. 

When you look at the roster, there are multiple players that you should start hearing more about if you haven't already.

2024 Khyelle Ingram and 2024 Chicale Ward are two familiar faces who have been playing together all throughout the summer and in other events.  Ingram brings a strong, sturdy, and physical frame that allows him to make plays downhill, embrace contact and finish, but also be a tough presence on both sides of the ball. Ward is a long matchup problem with his versatility and scoring output from multiple levels on the court. Both of them should earn more attention this season. 

Then you have players like 2024 Armani Henderson, who can be an absolute bucket and dude on the court, something he has shown countless times before.' 2025 6'8 Nate Malosa has had his moments, as the forward shows he can stretch the floor but also bring size to the table. And then we got a glance at 2025 6'6 Trey Shephard who came from Atlanta' he put on an absolute show in Week 3, as he was scoring in a variety of ways with his athleticism, his ability to get downhill and at the rim, but also knock down shots inside and behind the arc; he really opened some eyes with his play.

And again, that isn't all on the roster, as this team looks to compete, bring energy, and feed off their coaches on the sideline. Bull City Prep will certainly be a team to watch out for this year.