The state of North Carolina is blessed with an overabundance of talent. In the North Carolina 2018 class, 60 plus players signed with D1 schools and another 40 plus signed to play at the D2, D3, NAIA or Juco level. Quite impressive numbers! This year, the 2019 class is on the same course to have 100 plus players continue to play at the collegiate level.  In this edition of the unsigned senior spotlight we’re going to take a look at 5’10 Bryson Childress of North Stanly High School.

Bryson Childress has been one of the most productive senior point guards in North Carolina this season, averaging 27 Points, 3 Assists, 5 Rebounds, and 6 Steals per game.  He is the best in the state of North Carolina in terms of his ability to steal the ball, and ranks 13th in the entire nation in that stat, eliminating the thought process that Childress can’t defend the point of attack.  His ability to score the ball is unquestioned, taking the momentum from a huge summer with Team Denver where he had multiple 30+ point outbursts in front of some of the best teams in America, into his senior season where he’s averaging 27 Points, and shooting over 40% from beyond the arc, which is incredible considering the kind of shots he has to take on a night to night basis in order for his team to win.

This Summer Phenom Hoops Head Honcho Rick Lewis wrote this about Childress from Phenom CP3 Live… “Bryson Childress may carry a small frame, but his young man plays with a big heart. He’s one of the more exciting players to watch. Childress has excellent ball handling skills and has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. In the game against Team Charlotte who is considered one of the better defensive teams in the country, Childress scored a game high 21 points including
seven 3-pointers.”

Childress is known for what he can do from beyond the arc, but he also carries a crafty layup package around the hoop, and an ability to fight through contact at the rim, despite his small stature.  The most appealing thing about Childress as a prospect in my personal opinion is his moxie.  Childress always plays the game with a level of fearlessness that is unprecedented for a kid with his size and frame, constantly going up against bigger, stronger, and higher ranked prospects, but he’s never fazed.  Always playing with a high level of intensity, often intimidating some of those higher ranked guys on the mental side of the game.  He’s also a great student boasting a 4.2 GPA.  He holds a handful of division two offers from some of the top programs in the Peach Belt, SAC, and others, while also some interest from a few D1’s around the region that are currently waiting to see what their scholarship situation comes in April-May to offer Childress.  A post-grad prep year is not out of the realm of possibilities either, as quite a few of the top prep programs in the region are interested in bringing Childress in if that is indeed what he decides to do.  Some division one programs have also said that they would seriously consider offering Childress as a 2020, the kid has options, the kid gets buckets, I’m excited to see what’s in the store for Childress, there’s no doubt that whatever program is lucky enough to obtain his services will get an absolute gem.

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