This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled out to Rise Sports Facility in Bermuda Run to host our second annual Lady Top 80. The camp featured a slew of high-level prospects with a healthy mix of players from each high school class (even including a few eighth-graders). Beyond the sheer amount of talent on display, it's always a unique, enjoyable experience to watch these young ladies compete in an intense, team-oriented manner. There were numerous standouts in attendance, and this article will take a closer look at a few'

5'7 '26 Kiara Anderson (East Lincoln)

It didn't take long to see Anderson standing out as one of the most dynamic guards in the camp. She utilizes her quickness and crafty handle to break down defenders, touch the paint, and finish or set up others. Anderson scored at a healthy rate from all levels, but did a nice job of simply taking what the defense gave her. She made smart decisions with the ball in her hands and offered a scrappy defensive presence at the point of attack. Already a natural leader with ability beyond her years, Anderson will be a prospect for coaches to monitor.

6'1 '27 Kathleen Miller (South Meck)

Despite being one of the younger players on this list, it was easy to see how Miller impacted the game on both ends of the floor. She possesses a great combination of size, motor, and general instincts, which allows her to consistently make her presence felt within the flow of the action. Offensively, Miller moved well without the ball, secured numerous second-chance opportunities, and finished well around the basket. She didn't force the action or even necessarily need a lot of touches to produce. On the other end, Miller positioned herself extremely well to control the glass as a rebounder and protect the paint defensively. Expect her game to continue blossoming.

5'11 '26 Kara Brinkley (East Burke)

Arguably the most polished player at camp, Brinkley truly possesses the full arsenal. Her blend of size, skill, and athleticism immediately causes her to be a matchup problem for the vast majority of opponents. Brinkley can legitimately run the offense, effortlessly create for herself and others, and apply quality scoring pressure from all three levels. She also displayed great vision and patience with the ball in her hands. Brinkley highlighted flashes of pure dominance on offense, but also provided a very reliable defensive presence. She utilized her length nicely to block shots, intercept passing lanes, and involve herself in the rebounding battle. Given her trajectory, Brinkley has all the tools and ability to be a high-level player.

6'0 '27 Lenise Joseph (North Meck)

Although there were a ton of high-ceiling prospects on display, Joseph was quite clearly in a league of her own. From a physical standpoint, she's already incredibly overwhelming for all types opponents. Joseph is long, strong, mobile, and possesses excellent instincts, which allows her to control the paint defensively and dominate as a two-way rebounder. Her status as one of the younger players was truly shocking, given her poise, maturity, and overall production. Joseph is a willing passer, terrific finisher, and defensive monster who leads by example on both ends of the floor. It's crazy to think that she's still only scratching the surface, as Joseph has the makings of a special player.

5'7 '25 Mary Church (East Rowan)

Shooting will always be valued in the game of basketball, and Church definitely stood out among the most lethal perimeter threats at camp. She provides a steady, fairly well-rounded presence and is capable of producing in various different roles. Church can initiate the offense, create for herself and others, and find opportunities without the ball in her hands. She's a reliable defender and willing rebounder who knows how to pick her spots in transition. Church is a dangerous spot-up option, but can also comfortably create her own shot and attack closeouts as needed. She should be a target for various college coaches as a leader for East Rowan.

5'10 '25 Jasmin Yarber & 5'10 '25 Jordin Yarber (Shabach Christian)

There were numerous impressive duos on display, but the Yarber sisters were as productive as any pairing. They both offer a phenomenal combination of IQ, athleticism, and well-rounded ability. Each girl scored the ball at a consistent rate from all three levels, showing the ability to hit jumpers, attack closeouts, and finish at the basket. They played with terrific energy on both ends of the floor and made hustle plays whenever possible. The Yarber's made an impact on the glass, forced turnovers defensively, and filled in the gaps however possible. Both are clearly college-worthy prospects and should be focal points for Shabach Christian going forward.

5'9 '28 Malone Hicks (Knightdale)

Though she was one of the youngest players at camp, Hicks had no issue finding ways to produce. She's smart, scrappy, and already possesses a fairly well-rounded skillset. Hicks displays a great nose for the ball and is capable of making her presence felt within a role. She plays hard, makes hustle plays, and does a little bit of everything on the court. Hicks is young, but the appeal should be obvious. She will be a prospect to keep an eye on going forward.