Continuing to highlight talent found throughout the state, Davidson Day continues to be a place that college coaches should have eyes on, as talent still can be found. Two players that we have talked about in the past but believe should be garnering more attention are 2025 6’8 Levon Jacobs and 2024 6’8 Brady Kester, two valuable yet sneaky players that can help a future program.

Here is what we have recently written about each of these players and their games:

’25 Levon Jacobs:

“Programs always need an energy guy who can bring versatility to the court. Jacobs could be that sneaky underrated prospect with a blend of size and athleticism and does what is needed for his team. One thing you will always get with him is his hard-working mentality and incredible athleticism, finishing strong and with authority at the rim. But with him being 6’8 and mobile, he can make an impact in other ways without being the focal point for a team.”

’24 Brady Kester:

“Kester is an underrated 6’8 forward to watch out for with Davidson Day. When we watched him in open gym, he battles and competes on the boards, moves well from a variety of levels, and brings energy to the table.”

Jacobs continues to be an intriguing player with his blend of athleticism, power, and size. He has no problem emphatically finishing at the rim, bringing a blend of power and bounce to the table, but he also does the little things that help his team. All this can be done without being the focal point for a team. Kester is another forward who brings a good skillset to the table and can be moved around on the court. He has good footwork, is comfortable in stepping out and moving well without the ball, runs the floor well, and plays hard/bigger than listed.

These two players are valuable players that should earn more attention from college programs.