Derik Queen: 23 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals

Queen came out strong early on, and only continued to bring production to the table with his game in the All-American Game. The big man flourished in showing touch and displaying strong hands in the paint and on the boards, but you also have to appreciate his skillset at his size. Queen was able to showcase his footwork, his overall skillset and feel, and even impressed in other areas of finding teammates and defensively.

Dylan Harper: 22 points, 5 assists

Harper has a pro feel to his game, but that should be no surprise with his background. When watching Harper operate, he has such a smooth feel for the game, playing within the offense, patiently making good reads to find his teammates, seeing the entire floor, and creating well for himself off the bounce or in catch-and-shoot situations. He got others involved well, delivered on-point passes for easy baskets, and scored effortlessly.

Ian Jackson: 21 points

Though Jackson came out looking for and finding his shot, Jackson was impressed with his overall intensity and energy.  If he plays like he did with that much of a motor, he can certainly find success down in Chapel Hill. Jackson showcased his ability to create for himself, get downhill, and find his shot, scoring in a variety of ways, and just making a presence all game long. Again, I absolutely loved his energy all over the court, going 100 percent on both ends, and showing he can be a dynamic scorer.

Tre Johnson: 17 points

Johnson, playing in his backyard, came up big and finished the game going 6-for-9 from the floor and 5-for-7 from three. He showed his shot-making ability with range, knocking down shots from the perimeter. Johnson thrived as a shot-maker and showed that he could easily get some minutes early on in knocking down shots, getting to his spots, and rising up with confidence.

Other Notes:

  • Boogie Fland had a solid overall game, finishing with 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists, showcasing his ability to create, find teammates, and knock down shots from a variety of levels.
  • North Carolina had three players on the court at the event, with Isaiah Evans finishing with four rebounds, Drake Powell having four rebounds and two steals, and Jayden Quaintance finishing with seven points, seven rebounds, and four steals.