2028 Jeremiah Thomas (CP3): Thomas is a prospect that has tremendous size to go along with an early skillset.' When watching him, the 6'1 prospect is incredibly fluid and skilled for his age. Thomas uses his frame well in a variety of ways, and stays active on both ends of the court. He was strong out in transition, has a good perimeter game, and also can use his size to defend multiple positions. He would be a name to jot down and watch as he develops.

2029 Jezreel Morehead (Bulldogs): Morehead has a true post presence already and it is easy to see his early understanding of how to play the position down in the paint. He is long and active down on the block, finishing strong down low, creating second opportunities on the glass, running the floor well, and making his presence felt defensively.' I'm eager to see how this young big man transitions and develops.

2028 Draeton Nance (Team Fly): Nance is one that we have viewed quite a few times and continue to be impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the game. He is tremendous with the ball in his hands, scoring in a variety of ways, making strong decisions and reading the floor well, and bringing a nice balance to the floor.' Nance continues to be consistent with his play.

2029 Eldi Demukaj (Team BATL): Talk about a tough, scrappy, all-out energy type of player.' Demukaj competes on every play, put his body on the line, shows strong handles and the ability to create, but also be an effective scoring option as well.' Think he has a chance to be a very good point guard down the road and I'm eager to see him develop.

2028 Jeremiah Hunter (Carolina Culture): The young guard really captured my eyes, especially when the ball was in his hands. Electric playmaker on the court, attacked in transition, and was able to create and split the defense fairly well also. Hunter not only was able to make and finish strong plays off the dribble, but really liked his court vision in finding his teammates. Speedy guard out in the open floor.

2027 Chris Gomez (CP3 Select): I believe that Gomez is going to be a name you hear a lot more about in the coming years, as he is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the game at an early age. Really like his feel and IQ, reading the floor, creating off the bounce, getting to the basket or the line, and being that playmaker for his team.

2027 Brayden Gatling (Crews): Gatling continues to pour it on' each time we watch him, he shows that he is one of the best scorers at the event as the guard can create for himself, make plays and attack out in transition, knock down shots off the catch or dribble, and find ways to make space.' Every time we see him, it seems he has a big offensive output as it has become pretty regular at our events.