2028 Chase Smith (Team United Day): What a showing from the eighth grader, as he fully put his name in the team as a must-watch player in the class of North Carolina and could possibly be talking nationally sooner rather than later. The 6'6 prospect has a tremendous skill set for his size, as he shows the early intangibles inside as well as making plays outside.' He can be such a dominant piece down low, on the boards, and defensively, as he simply overpowers opponents.' But he runs the floor extremely well, filled it up consistently, and at times showed dominance on the court.

2028 Brelyn Moses (Team Curry 2028): Moses has a lot of intangibles that you have to like in a young player, and we are eager to see how he continues to develop. But when talking about his game at his age, he is a long, athletic prospect that can make plays in a variety of ways, whether it is scoring inside, creating and finishing, or showing more of his outside game. 'With his athleticism, he is strong in getting to the rim as well as finishing through defenders.' Moses should be a name you hear a lot more about in the coming years for his class.

2026 Brodie Atkins (CP3): Atkins put on a show here in the afternoon, going for 40 points and absolutely filling it up for his team.' Whether he was scoring from outside with his three-point shot or getting inside to score, Atkins was finding ways to score and was consistent throughout. Very good showing from the young prospect.

2026 Maverick Ball (CSB): Ball was a consistent scoring presence throughout the event, as he used his size and frame to go through defenders, attack the defense, finish strong around the basket, and force the defense to foul.' He consistent was able to make plays, get downhill, and be an effective offensive weapon for his team, leading the charge.

2029 Braeden Green-up (NC Go Hard): Green-up continues to be a young player who thrives when the bright lights are on. Each game we see him, he consistently produces for his team, leading the charge offensively, creating for himself, getting downhill and getting paint touches, and finding ways to score the ball even when the defense collapses on him.' He proved he is a go-to player at a young age, and he should only continue to develop and thrive as a prospect.