2025 Bryson Mickey (NC Spartans): Can't deny the performance this young man had to start the day on Day 2, as he went off for 32 points in the first half and was making play after play, shot after shot. Whatever he wanted, he was hitting at 8am today; knocking down threes, scoring off the bounce, showing his touch with his floater, and just simply playing with a ton of tenacity.

2025 Jaden Brooks (JB Pack Elite): Though it was early, Brooks caught my attention with his presence on both ends of the floor. He competed, battled down low, and was a nice rim protector for his team with multiple blocks, but also used his big frame to carve out space and finish down low in the paint.' Good showing from the young man to start the day.

2025 Elijah Graf (Pro One Jarnagin): Graf is a high IQ, poised guard that was not only able to be an effective offensive weapon but really helped control the pace and get others involved. Graf has a smooth release on his shot with the ability to make opponents pay with his jumper and range, but I also really liked how he was able to drive and kick to open teammates. Smart guard that had a strong showing.

2025 Cameron Honey (TeamWORK 2025): Honey was assertive and aggressive early on, as the guard went for 30 points and did so effectively.' He didn't settle on the court, attacking and getting downhill, consistently putting pressure on the defense and getting to the line, but also finishing well around defenders and inside the arc.

2025 Melvin Teal (Charleston Raptors): Teal brings intrigue with his game, his strength, his ability to be physical and get downhill, as well as his leadership.' An underrated prospect down in South Carolina, Teal is one that plays within the offense, can create for himself, and uses his body well to make plays.' Also like his leadership on the floor.

2024 Luke Morgan (NC Spartans): Morgan has had a pretty consistent showing all weekend long, as the long, lengthy forward has been more assertive offensively. Looking for his shot, getting to his spots, finishing over defenders, and being active on the glass and in the paint, Morgan can present a tough matchup and is showing that so far.

2025 Zacch Wiggins (CP3): Was really impressed with Wiggins today in what he showed. Not only did he open more eyes with his outside shooting, but he was able to make an impact in a variety of other ways. With his length and athleticism, his ability to finish out in transition and at the rim, as well as score from the perimeter is intriguing.' He also does a lot of the little things to help his team to victory.

2026 Ian Bailey (Team Vision): Bailey continues to ascend with his lay and one can't simply get past how poised and his IQ on the court.' Just never seems to be rushed, always under control, seeing the floor and where his teammates are, looking to make plays for himself and for others.' Such an intriguing young prospect to keep tabs on more.

2024 Desmond Kent Jr. (BSA Supreme): Can't say it is a breakout-type performance, because he has been doing this for quite some time now this summer. But he certainly had everyone talking about his game more, as Kent put on a show and displayed just how effective and how far he has come overall.' There is so much to like with his length, his developing skillset, his untapped potential, and his versatility on the court.' Huge showing on Day 2.